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The N-Rich Strip is an area in the field that has received enough fertilizer N so that no matter what the environmental conditions may be, N will not be limiting during the growing season. The rest of the field that receives the standard preplant rate is called the Farmers Practice. The N-rich strip is used in conjunction with the GreenSeeker™ hand held sensor to determine mid-season N rates. Reference strips give you the capability of measuring crop’s N needs at topdress. The amount of N needed to reach maximum yields changes from one year to the next and having a reference strip in your field is an easy way to gauge the current demand.

The Whats and Hows of Video on Applying N-Rich Strips


Applying Nitrogen Rich Strips

The Evolution of Reference Strips in Oklahoma


The Whats and Hows of reading N-Rich Strips and using the Online Sensor Based Calculator


N-Rich Strip Brochure

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