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Position Name Location
Chairperson Todd Love  Tulsa
Vice Chairman Clay Burtrum Stillwater
Executive At Large Ron Hays Oklahoma City
Executive Secretary Edmond Bonjour Stillwater
ALO President Maggie Adcock Stillwater
  Kathleen Maher Ardmore
  Dr. Charles Rohla Ardmore
  Lynn Ann Dietrich Carnegie
  Raylon Earls Guymon
  Paul Jackson Oklahoma City
  Don Schieber Ponca City
  Bill Steinert Fairview
  Mike Schulte Oklahoma City
  Jay Vaughn Oklahoma City
  Jessica Wilcox Fairview
  Aaron Schantz Hydro


 OALP Administrative Committee
Position Name Location
Vice President, Dean and Director, OSU Agriculture Dr. Jayson Lusk OSU, Stillwater
Associate Vice President, OSU Extension Dr. Damona Doye OSU, Stillwater
Dept. Head, Agricultural Education, Communications & Leadership Dr. Rob Terry OSU, Stillwater
Dept. Head, Agricultural Economics Dr. Cheryl Devuyst OSU, Stillwater
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