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Agricultural Leadership of Oklahoma (ALO) is the alumni organization of the OALP.  The ALO promotes the leadership development and continued education of graduates of the OALP, supports the OALP financially, and educates the public regarding the economic, cultural, and social importance of food and farming to the people of Oklahoma, the State of Oklahoma, and the United States of America.

 ALO Officers
Position OALP Class Name
President OALP Class XVIII Sarah Stueber
President Elect OALP Class XIX Steven Stewart
Secretary OALP Class XVIII Travis Jones
Treasurer OALP Class XIX Kendal Henderson


 ALO Class Representatives
Class Representative Name
Class I Rep Jim Shelton
Class II Rep Losco Hunter
Class III Rep Mark Nichols
Class IV Rep Steve Harden
Class V Rep Greg Adams
Class VI Rep Don Roberts
Class VII Rep Chet Purvine
Class VIII Rep Mary Peck
Class IX Rep Bret Wilson
Class X Rep Todd Honer
Class XI Rep Clark Williams
Class XII Rep Matt Gard
Class XIII Rep Keeff Felty
Class XIV Rep Dana Bessinger
Class XV Rep Orlin Nichols Jr.
Class XVI Rep Karen Eifert Jones
Class XVII Rep Josh Payne
Class XVIII Rep Jacob Linneman
Class XIX Rep Eli Parr
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