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Oklahoma is the nation’s fifth-largest producer of hay

With forage and hay produced on pastureland playing a significant role in the prosperity of farms and ranches involved in livestock production, which generates billions of dollars to the state economy annually. Approximately 20 different grass and legume species are grown for pasture and hay in Oklahoma.
The OSU Extension Forage and Pasture Management program provides timely and relevant resources to assist producers in making the best possible decisions when adjusting for differences in plant species, soil types, precipitation amounts, temperature and similar considerations. You can also access up to date Fact Sheets about Pastures and Forage on the OSU Extension web site.

Oklahoma Forage and Pasture Fertility Guide 

This circular is designed to help forage and livestock producers with the complex fertilization questions they face, and it is unique in that it covers simple management practices in addition to a range of complex interactions related to forage and pasture fertility. This guide simplifies the complexity into practical situations that can be used by producers, Extension educators, and Certified Crop Advisers in effective, profitable and environmentally-sound management decisions regarding forage and pasture fertility practices. It is not a replacement for good management; rather, it is the road map to help good managers get even better.

Forage and Pasture Resources


Alfalfa Production Guide for the Southern Great Plains.

Bermudagrass and Wheat

Research-based OSU fact sheets and videos about the most common forage.

Forage Assessment and Grazing

Access the latest research-based OSU fact sheets and reports detailing Forage Assessment and Grazing information and tools available to producers.

Forage Quality and Testing

Learn how to easily interpret, evaluate and collect samples for use in forage testing. The results from forage testing are used to properly calculate ration formulations, estimate feeding value and establish market price for hay sales.

GrazeOK app

GrazeOK is a user-friendly electronic version of the Oklahoma grazing stick, which allows fast and proper estimation of stock density, number of pastures, grazing and rest days by simply measuring plant height and canopy cover with a yardstick and inputting them in your phone.
GrazeOK app tutorial SUNUP TV show transcript

Oklahoma Forage and Pasture Fertility Guide

This online publication  simplifies the often complex questions producers, educators and Certified Crop Advisers may have about fertilization of forages and pastures. It is not a replacement for good management, but rather a road map to help good managers get even better.

Other Forages

Spring-Planted Oat for Grazing or Hay Production.


Protecting Open Lands in Farms and Ranches from Development Through Conservation Easements.


YouTube segments about pasture and forage from OSU Extension's SUNUP television program.

Weed Control

Fact Sheets that provide research-based information on weed control.

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