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Mental health issues for farmers, their families and communities

We want to provide you with the resources that you need to improve your mental wellbeing.

Oklahoma local county resources

Mental health, counseling, financial planning and more
Some counties have more resources than others, so look at resources in neighboring counties if you are unable to find what you are looking for. Contact service providers directly to learn more information about specific services provided, eligibility and other details.


Communicating During Stressful Times

Nathan Hardy describes the ways stress impacts communication between romantic partners, along with simple strategies to work through stress together and enrich relationships.

Down on the Farm: When Disaster Hits

Kami Gallus explores common challenges and responses that communities and individuals face after disasters, and describes how individuals can help others promote safety, functioning and action as they work towards recovery.

Introduction to Mental Health

Matt Brosi gives an overview of the state of mental health in Oklahoma and especially in rural areas of the state. Brosi also describes ways to provide support to individuals who struggle with mental health disorders as well as communities who experience increased risk for mental health challenges.

Managing Farm Stress

Jordan Shuler introduces a way of understanding the stress that farmers experience in Oklahoma and offers suggestions for how farmers or those who interact with farm families can manage the stress of farm life.

Managing Stress Through Mindfulness

Jordan Shuler presents the concepts of mindfulness along with several strategies to help those who experience the stress of farm life. He helps distinguish helpful and less helpful ways of managing stress.

Suicide Awareness & Prevention in the Farming Community

Amanda Szarzynski provides a detailed description of the warning signs of people who are at higher risk of suicide and advises on useful and impactful responses to support loved ones at risk of suicide.

Funding Provided By

This project wouldn't have been possible without funding provided by USDA NIFA through the Southern Risk Management Education Center. We are grateful for your support!

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