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Quicken vs QuickBooks

Follow along with the Quicken® or QuickBooks®: What's the Best Choice for Agricultural Producers? factsheet.


Quicken Introduction

Follow along with the Quicken® for Farm and Ranch Financial Records factsheet.


Setting Up the Files and Accounts

Use the Set up a Data File and Add a Checking Account guide.


Add Loan Accounts

Use the Add Loan Accounts guide.


Importing, Adding and Editing Categories

Use the Modify the Category List guide.


Set Up Tags

Use the Set Up Tags guide.


Recording Transactions

Use the Enter Transaction Data Using Categories, Subcategories and Tags guide.


Recording Information for 1099s

Use the Saving and Locating Information for 1099s guide.


Creating Cash Flow Reports

Use the Create Reports to Summarize Data Entered guide.


Creating a Tax Schedule Report

Use the Creating a Tax Schedule guide.


Creating a Graph

Use the View a Graph of Income and Expenses guide.


Reconciling the Bank Statement

Use the Reconciling the Bank Statement guide.


Exporting Data to Spreadsheets

Use the Using Quicken Reports in Spreadsheets guide.


Backing Up Your File

Use the Back Up Data guide.


Year End Options

Use the Year-End Copy: Start New Year and Archive guide.


Other Topics

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