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The videos below help adapt newly elected officials to their roles and offer a glimpse into being an official. An extra resource to help transition into the new role is the Fairboard Training PowerPoint presentation.

County Government

Watch the videos to learn more about the duties and roles of each elected position.


County Elected Officials


County Boards & Non-Elected Officials


County Elected & Non-Elected Officials & Boards


Segregation of Duties: Internal Controls


Informational Videos

Watch the videos below for background knowledge and understanding pertaining to financials from recorded presentations.


SAI Presentations at CODA Financial & Federal Reporting, September 2011

Watch the 2011 SAI Presentations below broken up into multiple parts from throughout the day.


The Situation/The Problem


The SEFA - Schedule of Expenditures of Federal Awards (including FEMA)


The Financial Statement


Financial & Federal Reporting Update, September 2015


SEFA Training Presentation


SAI 2011 Regional Workshop (Lawton)


Intro & SEFA


Hands-On FEMA Project Worksheet


Audit Budget Acct & Financial Statement

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