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Show Me Nutrition











Show Me Nutrition is a comprehensive nutrition curriculum that teaches elementary students how to have a healthy lifestyle. The curriculum is taught weekly by a trained Nutrition Education Assistant (NEA) during the school day. Several important health themes are taught in each grade level, such as nutrition, food safety, physical activity, media influence and body image. Age-appropriate content, activities and handouts make learning about healthy eating fun for students in all grade levels. The lessons include family newsletters that go home with participants to reinforce lesson content with families and caregivers.

KIK It Up!










KIK It Up! is an afterschool and summer program for ages 6-15 years. Youth are given the opportunity to learn essential nutrition concepts and engage in fun physical activities. Because youth involved in preparing meals are more likely to eat more nutrient-rich foods, KIK It UP! empowers participants by teaching hands-on, age-appropriate snack recipes they can make at home.

Farm to You


Farm to You is a 40 by 40 foot walk-through exhibit consisting of nine stations. Developed by Community Nutrition Education Programs (CNEP), Farm to You is designed to provide first through sixth grade students with the skills needed to make healthy lifestyle choices. As they travel through the exhibit, students will learn about the relationships between agriculture, food and health.


There is no cost for Farm to You to visit your school, but there are a few requirements:

  • A clean, indoor space of 40 by 40 foot with an 11 foot ceiling height
  • A minimum of 250 students to participate on exhibit day
    • While Farm to You is generally set up at one school, the exhibit can be set up in a convenient location where several schools can participate.
  • Volunteers to be recruited by school
    • Minimum of 8 volunteers for set up day
    • Minimum of 12 volunteers for exhibit day and tear down
    • Past volunteers include parents, grandparents, high school students, 4-H Jr. Leaders, 4-H volunteers, FFA members, community members, college students, nursing students, PTA volunteers and Oklahoma Home and Community Education volunteers


The OrganWise Guys











The OrganWise Guys is a nutrition education program designed to teach healthy eating habits to children and encourage them to engage in physical activity. By bringing the body to life via lovable organ characters, kids of all ages learn what it really means to live a healthy lifestyle. This Comprehensive School Program (CSP) is a science-based, cost-effective elementary school nutrition and physical activity program. Research has shown statistically significant improvements in program children’s weight and blood pressure measures, as well as significantly higher average standardized test scores, as compared to outcomes of children in non-program schools.

 Teen Cuisine








Teen Cuisine is a hands-on cooking program that teaches students in grades 8-12 important life skills for eating smart, which will stay with them as they grow into adults. Lessons cover how to choose healthy foods and prevent foodborne illnesses. With a cooking demonstration in each lesson, students learn by doing.


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