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CATCH Program







CATCH, or the Coordinated Approach to Child Health, is a comprehensive nutrition curriculum for elementary students. The curriculum is taught by a trained Nutrition Education Assistant (NEA) during the school day. Through a variety of teaching strategies, students learn important information about food, nutrition, physical activity, and how to overcome barriers in making healthy choices. Age-appropriate content, activities and handouts make learning about healthy eating fun for students in all grade levels.

KIK It Up!








KIK It Up! is an afterschool and summer program for ages 6-15 years. Youth are given the opportunity to learn essential nutrition concepts and engage in fun physical activities. Because youth involved in preparing meals are more likely to eat more nutrient-rich foods, KIK It UP! empowers participants by teaching hands-on, age-appropriate snack recipes they can make at home.

Farm to You


Farm to You is a 40 by 40 foot walk-through exhibit consisting of nine stations. Developed by Community Nutrition Education Programs (CNEP), Farm to You is designed to provide first through sixth grade students with the skills needed to make healthy lifestyle choices. As they travel through the exhibit, students will learn about the relationships between agriculture, food and health. We now offer Farm to You virtually in addition to our traditional program!


 Teen Cuisine






Teen Cuisine is a hands-on cooking program that teaches students in grades 8-12 important life skills for eating smart, which will stay with them as they grow into adults. Lessons cover how to choose healthy foods and prevent foodborne illnesses. With a cooking demonstration in each lesson, students learn by doing.


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