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The mission of Community Nutrition Education Programs (CNEP) is to educate and empower limited-resource Oklahomans to improve nutrition and physical activity behaviors. CNEP’s vision is to improve the health of Oklahomans.


Trained paraprofessionals and OSU Extension Educators deliver research-based, hands-on learning experiences for youth and adults about diet quality, food safety, physical activity, food security and food resource management. CNEP also supports communities across the state financially to implement policy, systems and environmental changes. By providing applicable education and changing the environment where people eat, learn, live, play, shop and work, CNEP is improving the lives of Oklahomans.


In 2021:

  • 10.707 program participants
  • 4,607 program graduates
  • 3,604 youth reached by the Virtual Farm to You exhibit
  • 10,324 individuals impacted by community grant projects


COVID-19 Response:

In March 2020, statewide social distancing guidelines resulted in schools and agencies closing for the remainder of the year. Many of these disruptions continued into 2021. During this time, CNEP educators have worked tirelessly to reach participants through social-distanced teaching, virtual meeting platforms, digital resources, and thousands of handouts. In these unusual times, we are thankful for our hundreds of partners across the state who continually help us pursue our mission to build a healthier Oklahoma.


870 adults and youth were taught virtually and nearly 125,000 program participants, family members and community members were reached with educational resources.

Adult Programs

Poor adult health behaviors result in Oklahoma consistently ranking in the bottom 10 states for obesity, cardiovascular deaths and physical inactivity.


Adult Courses

Nutrition education is very important to

help modify poor health behaviors and improve the health of Oklahomans. The CNEP adult program empowers participants to build skills that enable them to lead healthier lives, therefore reducing the risk of obesity, diabetes, heart disease and other chronic diseases.

Our research-based curricula offer a series of nutrition education lessons designed to improve nutrition practices, promote physical activity, increase safe food handling practices, and increase food resource management skills. Nutrition Education Assistants (NEAs) and Family and Consumer Sciences Educators deliver the program to small groups or to individuals, through interactive lessons with hands-on activities, cooking demonstrations, games, and physical activity breaks.


Check out the adult programs offered by Community Nutrition Education Programs.


Youth Programs

Oklahoma ranks 50th in overall child health including 46th in overweight and obese youth.


Young Classroom

Healthy behaviors of children are associated with higher academic achievement. The CNEP Youth Program includes a variety of nutrition education offerings which focus on improving healthy behaviors of Oklahoma children. Our goal is to give our youth the best chance at academic success while also encouraging healthy habits they can use for the rest

of their lives.


Through partnerships and collaboration, the CNEP Youth Program reaches approximately 40,000 youth each year across the state of Oklahoma. The age-appropriate, researched-based nutrition curriculum focuses on flagship health issues directly affecting our Oklahoma youth. From topics about the food groups to their digestion system to reading food labels and food safety, children learn in an interactive environment while having fun.


Check out the youth programs offered by Community Nutrition Education Programs.

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