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Poor adult health behaviors result in Oklahoma consistently ranking in the bottom 10 states for obesity, cardiovascular deaths and physical inactivity.
Nutrition education is very important to help modify poor health behaviors and improve the health of Oklahomans. The CNEP adult program empowers participants to build skills that enable them to lead healthier lives, therefore reducing the risk of obesity, diabetes, heart disease and other chronic diseases.
Our research-based curriculum offers a series of nutrition education lessons designed to improve nutrition practices, promote physical activity, increase safe food handling practices, and increase food resource management skills. Nutrition Education Assistants (NEAs) deliver the program to small groups or to individuals, through interactive lessons with hands-on activities, cooking demonstrations, games, and physical activity breaks.

2021 OutcomesInformation from 895 program graduates.

improved their physical activity 

improved diet quality behaviors

improved food resource management behaviors

improved food safety behaviors


Adult Program & Resources

Fresh Start

The Fresh Start program is hands-on and teaches new skills that participants can use at home every day - from planning, shopping, and cooking tips to simple solutions for healthy eating and daily physical activity. Lessons can be taught individually or in groups, and they may take place in an individual’s home or at another location. Graduates of the program receive a cookbook and a signed graduation certificate. Connect with an Extension Educator in your county to learn more about Fresh Start in your area.


Find CNEP Nutrition Education Assistants in your county or neighboring county

Purchase 24-Hour Food Recall Training Resources

Developed by OSU CNEP with the needs of nutrition educators in mind, this comprehensive 24-Hour Food Recall Training package features hands-on activities and discussion topics that are effective for all adult learners.



"When one woman began the adult program, she was taking care of her ill mother and 3 children, 2 with special needs. She was tired, stressed and barely holding on. She was skeptical at first, but then she started to look forward to the sessions. She knew her children were not getting proper nutrition but didn't know how to fix it. She now has a notebook binder that holds her information from the lessons, her weekly meal plan with ideas and a few recipes. She makes a meal plan every week and doesn't feel stressed about what to get at the grocery store. The children also help with ideas and are learning how to plan healthy meals. She said that her kids are starting to see the health benefits, and she's very happy about that. She has also really enjoyed the meat thermometer she received from CNEP. She was used to cutting into the meat to see if it "looked" done or just guessing. She's glad she doesn't have to worry about foodborne illness with her family now. She is a different woman since completing the program. She says she feels healthier, less stressed and happier now that she is in control of her and her family's health."

- Garfield County



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