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Co-Parenting for Resilience classes from OSU Extension help the children of divorcing parents overcome the effects of divorce more quickly and is approved by the Oklahoma court system. No matter how agreeable and cooperative some parents may be, divorce is an emotionally charged process that often has unintended consequences. Research suggests that a three to four hour class can help parents learn what behaviors to avoid and other things they can do to help their children through this process.


Parents who are in the process of a divorce can find more information on the Co-Parenting for Resilience website. More information about the class is below, or simply go directly to the registration link to register for a class. You can also access OSU Extension Fact Sheets related to divorce and Co-Parenting.


What is this class all about?

  • How parents handle the divorce can make it better or worse for their children.
  • Many children have a very difficult time adjusting to their parents' divorce.
  • This can lead to depression, anxiety, academic failure, delinquency, drug use, teen pregnancy, and other negative outcomes. Children may also fear the loss of one or both of their parents and have a hard time switching between their parents' homes.
  • Co-parenting classes teach parents to handle their emotions better and to keep their children out of the middle of their divorce. They also offer many positive tips on how to talk with your child to help him or her to adjust more quickly to the divorce.
  • Researchers who have studied the effects of these classes have found them to be beneficial for most parents.
  • After taking the class, most parents agree that the class was worthwhile and helpful.

Do I really have to take a class?

  • The short answer is yes.
  • Because research has shown that divorce can cause so many problems for children, many judges in Oklahoma have been ordering couples to a co-parenting workshop for years.
  • Now that research has shown the positive benefits of these classes, the Oklahoma State Legislature passed a law requiring all parents of a minor child that are divorcing for reasons of incompatibility to attend a co-parenting workshop before their divorce will be granted.
  • If you are in an domestic violence shelter or involved in a relationship in which there is ongoing domestic violence, your judge may exempt you from the class. You should talk with your lawyer.
  • You can request to not take the class with the person you are divorcing regardless of whether you have a restraining order. Please indicate the name of the person on your registration form. 
  • Access a copy of the law here.

How to select an appropriate class

  • There are many different classes offered.  However, not all of them fulfill the requirements of the law, and others have not been shown to be helpful by any objective measure.
  • Read some quick tips  on how to assess if a class will fulfill the requirements of the law and help your child to overcome the effects of the divorce more quickly.
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