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Beef and Dairy Cattle, Swine, Poultry, Sheep, Horses and Animal Products

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Oklahoma Agricultural Experiment Station

Division of Agricultural Science and Natural Resources

Oklahoma State University




Effect of Nutrient Restriction during Early Gestation on Postnatal Growth, Carcass, and Organ Weights of Beef Steers
N.M. Long, M.J. Prado-Cooper, C.R. Krehbiel, and R.P. Wettemann


Maintenance Energy Requirements of Gestating Beef Cows and Relationship with Cow and Calf Performance
M.J. Prado-Cooper, N.M. Long, , M. Anderson, R. Jones, R.P. Wettemann, G.W. Horn, L.J. Spicer, C.R. Krehbiel


Effects of Elevated Ambient Temperatures on Gestation Lengths of Beef Cows
E.C. Wright, M.J. Prado-Cooper, N.M. Long, and R.P. Wettemann


Influence of Fat Supplementation Before and After Calving on Performance of Spring Calving Cows Grazing Native Range
R.P. Wettemann, D.L. Lalman, M. Anderson, and R. Jones


Effect of Resistin on Granulosa and Theca Cell Function in Cattle
D.V. Lagaly, P.Y. Aad, L.B. Hulsey, J.A. Grado-Ahuir and L.J. Spicer



Food Science

Comparison of the Bio-Bullet® versus Traditional Injection Techniques on Tissue Damage and Tenderness in Beef Subprimals
M.M. Sullivan, D.L. VanOverbeke, C.R. Krehbiel, J.B. Morgan


The Use of Hypochlorous Acid Generated by Electrolysis for the Treatment of Pathogens and Spoilage Microorganisms on Meat Products
S.R. Veasey and P.M. Muriana


Signal Amplification and Detection of Staphylococcus aureus Enterotoxins in Foods
Leenalitha Panneerseelan and Peter Muriana


Evaluation of a High ph Solution as an Alternative to Phosphate for Meat EnhancementClaudia A. Cerruto-Noya, Deborah VanOverbeke and Christina A. Mireles DeWitt



Nutritiom/Management Cow/Calf

Effects of Time of Weaning and Cow Age Class on Performance of Fall-Calving Beef Cows and Their Progeny
M. D. Hudson, J. P Banta, D. S. Buchanan, and D. L. Lalman


Effects of Weaning Date and Deworming on Post Weaning Performance of Beef Heifers Grazing Native Range
M.D. Hudson and D.L. Lalman



Nutritiom/Management Feedlot

Rumen Temperature Boluses for Monitoring Health of Feedlot Cattle
T.K. Dye, C.J. Richards., L.O. Burciaga-Robles, C.R. Krehbiel, D.L. Step, R.W. Fulton, and A.W. Confer


Evaluation of Rumen Temperatures in Commercial Feedlot Cattle
T.K. Dye and C.J. Richards


Performance and Economic Analysis of Calf-Fed and Yearling Systems for Fall-Weaned Calves
S.J. Winterholler, M.D. Hudson, C.E. Ward, C.R. Krehbiel, G.W. Horn, and D.L. Lalman


Performance and Economic Analysis of Calf-Fed and Yearling Systems for Fall-Born Calves
M.D. Hudson, S.J. Winterholler, C.J. Richards, C.R. Krehbiel and D.L. Lalman


Replacing Traditional Sources of Protein and Energy with Corn Dried Distillers Grains Plus Solubles in Dry Rolled Corn-Based Growing and Finishing Diets
B.P. Holland, C.R. Krehbiel, and D.L. VanOverbeke


Growth Performance and Health of Steer Calves Adapted to a High-Concentrate, Program-Fed Diet Using Four Methods
B.P. Holland, C.R. Krehbiel, D.L. Step, L.O. Burciaga-Robles, J.J. Cranston, and L. Carlos-Valdez



Nutritiom/Management Swine

Effects of Fiber Addition to a Low Excretion Diet on Swine Growth Performance and Slurry Characteristics during the Finishing Phase
J.W. Bundy, S.D. Carter, M.L. Lachmann, S.K. Jenkins, Z. Marable


Effects of Reduced Dietary CP and P on Nutrient Excretion of Finisher Pigs
M.B. Lachmann, S.D. Carter, T.A. Buhay, S.K. Jenkins, J.W. Bundy, and Z. Marable


Effects of Dietary Reductions in CP, P, and Trace Minerals on Nutrient Excretion of Finisher Pigs
M.B. Lachmann, S.D. Carter, J.W. Bundy, S.K. Jenkins, and Z. Marable


Determination of P Bioavailability in Corn and Sorghum Distillers Dried Grains with Solubles for Growing Pigs
S. Jenkins, S. Carter, M. Lachmann, and J. Bundy

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