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Influence of Roughage Level on Soybean Meal Degradation and Microbial Protein Synthesis in the Rumen.
D.C. Weakley, F.N. Owens, K.B. Poling and C.E. Kautz.


Feeding Methods: Time Limited and Alternating Protein and Fiber Levels for Lambs.
S.C. Arp and F.N. Owens.


Effect of Ruminal pH Alteration on Digestion in Steers Fed a High Concentrate Diet.
A.L. Goetsch, F.N. Owens, C.E. Kautz and K.W. Milliner.


Effects of Reimplanting Feedlot Cattle.
D.M. Marshall, R.R. Frahm and D.R. Gill.


Effect of Stage of Maturity on the Chemical Composition and In Vitro Digestibility of Sorghum Grain-Year.
C.A. Hibberd, D.G. Wagner, R.L. Hintz and D.E. Weibel.


Effect of Sorghum Grain Variety and Processing Method on the Site and Extent of Starch Digestion in Steers.
C.A. Hibberd, D.G. Wagner, R.L. Hintz and D.D. Griffin.


Influence of Organic Acids on Microbial Protein Synthesis in the Rumen.
D.C. Weakley and F.N. Owens.


Influence of Ammonia Concentration on Microbial Protein Synthesis in the Rumen.
D.C. Weakley and F.N. Owens.


Salinomycin Levels for Feedlot Steers and Heifers.
M.C. Ferrell, F.N. Owens and D.R. Gill.


Potassium Levels and Ionophores for Feedlot Steers.
M.C. Ferrell, F.N. Owens and D.R. Gill.


Implants for Feedlot Bulls.
D.R. Gill, J.J. Martin, F.N. Owens and D.E. Williams.


Methane Fermenter Residue or Decoquinate for Feedlot Steers.
J.J. Martin, F.N. Owens, R.P. Lake and D.R. Gill.


Ammonium Salts of Volatile Fatty Acids for Feedlot Steers.
F.N. Owens, D.R. Gill, L.E. Deetz and J.J. Martin.


Effect of Animal Density, Coat Color and Heat Stress on Performance of Feedlot Steers.
S.C. Arp, F.N. Owens, S.L. Armbruster and Doug Schmidt.


Relationship of Coat Color, Body Surface Temperature and Respiration Rate in Feedlot Steers.
S.C. Arp, F.N. Owens, S.L. Armbruster and Scott Laudert.


Effect of Eating and Rumination on Gain and Fecal Characteristics of Steers.
F.N. Owens and M.C. Ferrell.


Effect of Moisture Addition on Fermentation of High Moisture Corn.
E. Aguirre, F.N. Owens, D.R. Gill and J.H. Thornton.


Effects of Lot Type and Coat Color on Respiration Rate, Surface Temperature and Feeding Behavior of Feedlot Steers.
S.C. Arp, F.N. Owens, S.L. Armbruster and Y. Kojima.


Status of Hot Processing of Meat in the United States.
R.L. Henrickson.


A Method to Obtain True Muscle Fiber Area.
J.J. Guenther, R.V. Felber and K.K. Novotny.


Prediction of Yield Grade from Time on Feed, Final Weight and Daily Gain.
D. Hale, R.L. Hintz, L.E. Walters and F.N. Owens.


Influence of Yogurt Containing Live Starter Culture on Lactose Utilization in Humans.
S.E. Gilliland and H.S. Kim.


Inhibition of Spoilage Microorganisms in Refrigerated Raw Milk by Maillard Reaction Products.
R.C. Lara and S.E. Gilliland.


Changes in Bacteria Counts on Hot Boned Boxed Beef Trimmings.
O. Lara and R.L. Henrickson.


Biochemical and Quality Characteristics of Ovine Muscles as Affected by Electrical Stimulation, Hot Boning, and Mode of Chilling.
N.H. Rashid, R.L. Henrickson,A. Asghar and P.L. Claypool.


Influence of Prepartum Nutrition on Concentrations of Estrone, Estradiol, Estrone Sulfate and Progestrone in the Plasma of Range Cows.
J.S. Mobley, R.P. Wettemann, K.S. Lusby, B.R. Pratt and E.J. Turman.


Effect of Implants and Breed Type on Testicular Function of Feedlot Bulls.
R.P. Wettemann, D.R. Gill, J.J. Martin, F.N. Owens and D.E. Williams.


Calcium: Ruminal Concentrations and Digestibility of Feedstuffs by Lambs.
F.N. Owens and S.C. Arp.


Evaluation of Pepsin-Insoluble Nitrogen as a Marker for Determination of Digestibility of Forages.
I. Londono and L.J. Bush.


Effect of Feeding Choline and Dichlorvos to Gestating Gilts.
W.G. Luce, D.S. Buchanan, C.V. Maxwell, H.E. Jordan and R. Vend.


Wheat vs. Corn for Growing-Finishing Swine.
C.V. Maxwell, D.S. Buchanan, W.G. Luce, R.O. Bates and Rex Vend.


Effect of Probiotic Supplementation on Performance, Fecal Parameters and Digestibility in Growing-Finishing Swine.
C.V. Maxwell, D.S. Buchanan, F.N. Owens, S.E. Gilliland, W.G. Luce and R. Vend.


Adaptation Problems with the Finn-Dorset Line.
J.V. Whiteman, K.A. Ringwall and G. Robson.


Relationships of Hip Height Measurements with Growth and Carcass Traits of Crossbred and Angus Cattle.
P.J. Zerbino, R.R. Frahm and J.W. Castree.


Relationship of On-Test Hip Weight with Growth and Carcass Traits of Hereford Calves.
P.J. Zerbino and R.R. Frahm.


Preliminary Report on the Effect of Different Proportions of Brahman Breeding on Calf Growth and Development of Heifers Through First Breeding.
D.K. Aaron, R.R. Frahm and S.W. Coleman.


A Comparison of Progeny Sired by High Indexing and Low Indexing Duroc Boars.
R.O. Bates, D.S. Buchanan and R. Vend.


The Effect of Crossbred vs. Purebred Boars on Conception Rate in Swine.
D.S. Buchanan, R.K. Johnson and R. Vend.


Sire Ranking Based Upon Purebred vs. Crossbred Progeny Performance in Swine.
D.G. McLaren, D.S. Buchanan and R.L. Hintz.


Litter Performance for Various Types of Crossbred Females in Swine.
D.S. Buchanan, R.K. Johnson and R. Vend.


Factors Related to Ram Fertility During May and June.
K.A. Ringwall, J.V. Whiteman, R.P. Wettemann and G.A. Robson.


Simulation of Calf Gain from Birth to Weaning in Oklahoma.
M. Cannon and R.L. Hintz.


Energy vs. Protein Supplementation of Steers Grazing Native Range in Late Summer.
K.S. Lusby and G.W. Horn.


Effect of Ammoniation on Weight Gains and Straw Intake of Yearling Steers.
D.W. Pace, G.W. Horn and K.S. Lusby.


Comparison of Cottonseed Hulls, Rice Mill Feed, Soybean Hulls and Beet Pulp as Roughages.
R.N. Streeter and G.W. Horn.


Effects of Postpartum Weight Loss on Performance of Fall Calving Cows.
J.R. Rakestraw, K.S. Lusby, R.P. Wettemann and J.J. Wagner.


Affect of Various Anthelmintics on Rate of Gain and Fecal Egg Count of Steers Grazing Wheat Pasture.
J.A. Winder, K.S. Lusby, D.R. Gill and T.L. Evicks.


Supplementation of wheat pasture and bermudagrass stocker cattle with silage.
M.J. Ford, W.A. Phillips, G.W. Horn and A.K. Worthington.


Effect of supplementation program on intake and utilization of low quality prairie hay by steers.
H.M. Arelovich, D.G. Wagner and C.A. Hibberd.


The influence of postpartum nutrition and weaning age of calves on cow body condition, estrus, conception rate and calf performance of fall-calving beef cows.
J.R. Kropp, K. Hancock, K.S. Lusby, R.P. Wettemann, R.L. Hintz and C. Worthington.


The Effect of Yeast Culture on the Performance of Two Poultry Types Fed Under Various Regimes.
M.S. Edmonds and R.G. Teeter.


Starch Blocker Evaluation Using Laying Hens.
C.F. Hanson, F.N. Owens and R.G. Teeter.


lonophores for Growing Broiler Chicks.
M.C. Ferrell, F.N. Owens and R.G. Teeter.


The Effect of Fiber Source and Level Upon Chick Growth.
W.N. Cannon, R.G. Teeter and C.V. Maxwell.


Feeding Value of Reconstituted High-Tannin Sorghum in a Practical Ration in a Chick Trial.
S. Sarani, R.G. Teeter and C.A. Hibberd.


Nutritional Value of Eastern Gamagrass Hay Compared with Alfalfa Hay.
J.L. Horner, L.J. Bush, C.M. Taliaferro and G.D. Adams.


A System for Evaluating the Body Condition of Dairy Cows.
E.P. Aalseth, G.D. Adams, L.J. Bush and K. Jones.


Utilization of Bovine Hide Protein for Food.
B.R. Rao and R.L. Henrickson.


Reproductive Development and Performance of Hereford Heifers Calving at 24 and 30 months of age.
E.J. Turman, R.P. Wettemann and K.S. Lusby.


Dietary Crude Protein and Reproductive Efficiency of High Producing Dairy Cows.
E.P. Aalseth, L.J. Bush, G.D. Adams and L.E. Price.

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