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The Effect of Frequency of Feeding on Adaptation of Ruminants to Biuret as an NPN-Source.
E.T. Clemens and R.R. Johnson.


Studies on the Nutritive Value of Wheat Pasture.
R.R. Johnson, M. McGeehon, E. Williams and H.C. Young Jr.


The Production of Multiple Births in Beef Cows by Gonad Tropic Hormone Injections Time from a Synchronized Estrus.
M.R. Johnson, E.J. Turman, J.G. MaGee, D.F. Stephens, and J.E. Cothren.


Pre-Weaning Growth of Large and Small Scale Beef Calves.
J.D. Gresham, J.J. Guenther, J.R. Escoubas, L.E. Evans, R.D. Morrison, and A.A. Rutledge.


Performance of Three-Year-Old Hereford, Hereford X Holstein and Holstein Females as Influenced by Level of Winter Supplement Under Range Conditions.
J.W. Holloway, D.F. Stephens, Leon Knori, Keith Lusby, Art Dean, J.V. Whiteman, and Robert Totusek.


Value of Range Cow Supplements Containing Area, Biuret and Kedlor and Effects of Methionine-Hydroxy-Analogue and High Levels of Dehydrated Alfalfa in Area and Biuret Supplements.

Ivan Rush, W.E. Sharp, Ray Helderman, and Robert Totusek.


Liquid Protein Supplement vs. Dry Natural-Protein Supplement for Wintering Heifer Calves.
Ivan Rush, Ray Helderman, W.E. Sharp and Robert Totusek.


Self-Feeding vs. Six or Three Times Per Week Feeding of High Area Winter Supplements to Range Cows.
Ivan Rush, Ray Helderman, W.E. Sharp, and Robert Totusek.


Selection of Cows for the Breeding Herd. I. Value of a Female’s Own Growth Record.
A.C. Boston, J.V. Whiteman, and R.R. Frahm.


Selection of Cows for the Breeding Herd. II. Consistency of Cow Productivity as Measured by Calf Weaning Weights.
A.C. Boston, R.R. Frahm, and J.V. Whiteman.


Influence of Milo Processing Methods on Digestion of Starch in High Concentrate Beef Cattle Rations.
D.D. Hinman and R.R. Johnson.


Dry Heat Processing of Sorghum Grain for Finishing Beef Cattle.
Don Croka and Donald G. Wagner.


Reconstituted Wheat for Finishing Beef Cattle.
Ryan Christiansen and Donald G. Wagner.


High Moisture Harvested Wheat and Wheat Head Chop for Finishing Cattle.
Donald G. Wagner, Don Croka and Tom Martin.


Animal Wastes as Protein Sources for Ruminants.
R.R. Johnson, J.R. Kropp and M. McGeehon.


The Effect of a Variable Protein-Energy Ratio on Feed Lot Performance and Carcass Traits of Steer Calves.
Donald R. Gill and R.R. Frahm.


Feed Lot Performance and Carcass Merit of Calves from Hereford, Heredford X Holstein and Holstein Cows.
R.A. Dean, L.E. Walters, D.F. Stephens, J.W. Holloway, and Robert Totusek.


The Relationship Between Back Fat Thickness and Loin Eye Area Measurements and the Weight of the Lean Cuts in Swine Carcasses.
I.T. Omtvedt, L.E. Walters, John Mabry, R.K. Johnson, and R.F. Queener.


Evaluation of the K40 Technique for the Determination of Fat-Free Lean in Ground Meat.
I.T. Omtvedt, L.E. Walters, John Mabry, R.K. Johnson, and R.F. Queener.


Evaluation of the K40 Technique for the Determination of Fat-Free Lean in Ground Meat.
I.T. Omtvedt, L.E. Walters, John Mabry, R.K. Johnson, and R.F. Queener.


Meat Quality Changes Resulting from Pre-Riger Muscle Boning of the Bovine Carcass. 
R.L. Hendrickson and Stanley Falk


Changes in Bovine Muscle Tissue and Whole Body Potassium from Brith to Weaning Age. 
J.D. Gresham, J.J. Guenther, J.R. Escoubas, and L.E. Walters.


Biochemical Studies on Bovine Growth and Development from Birth to Weaning. 
J.D. Gresham, J.J. Guenther, and J.R. Escoubas.


Preliminary Studies on Breed Variations in the Rate of Deposition of Compact and Cancellous Bone During Pre-Weaning Growth in the Bovine.
J.J. Guenther, L.E. Evans, J.D. Gresham and J.R. Escoubas.


Effect of Pellet Size on Pig Performance. 
W.G. Luce, I.T. Omtvedt, C.V. Maxwell, S.D. Welty and D.C. Zoltner.


The Effect of Ration Ingredients Change on Pig Performance. 
W.G. Luce, C.V. Maxwell, and D.C. Zoltner.


Effect of Protein Level on Nitrogen Balance and Reproductive Perforamnce in Gilts. 
R.D. Jones, C.V. Maxwell, D.C. Zoltner, and R.E. Ennis.


Feedlot Performance and Carcass merit of 2-breed Crosses vs. Purebreds. 
R.K. Johnson, I.T. Omtvedt, L.E. Walters, and T.W. Williams.


Swine Crossbreed Results: 2-breed Crosses vs. Purebreds. 
I.T. Omtvedt, R.K. Johnson, L.E. Walters, T.W. Williams, and S.D. Welty.


Reproductive Performance of Purebred Gilts with 2-breed Cross Litters Compared to Crossbred Gilts with 3-breed Cross Litters. 
R.K. Johnson, I.T. Omtvedt, T.W. Williams and S.D. Welty.


Influence of the Litter in Which Gilt is Raised and her own Performance on her Subsequent Reproductive Performance. 
L.D. Young and I.T. Omtvedt.


Treatment of Anestrous Gilts with Estradiol Valerate to Induce Estrus. R.P Wetterman, I.T. Omtvedt, and T.W. Williams.


Incidence and Transmission of Bordetella Infections in Swine. 
C.V. Maxwell, R.E. Corstvet, and I.T. Omtvedt.


A Preliminary Evaluation of Reproductive Performance and Further Evaluation of Growth and carcass Characteristics of 1/4 Finish Landrace Lambs. 
L.D. Flinn, M.B. Gould, J.V. Whiteman, and J.E. Fields.


The Interaction of level of Concentrate and Supplementary Nitrogen Source on Performance of Growing-Finishing Lambs. 
R. Wyatte, R.R. Johnson, and E.T. Clemens.


Acid Hydrolyzed Wood Residue as an Ingredient in Ruminant Rations. 
R.R. Johnson, J.W. Butterbaugh, and M. McGeehon.


Adaptation to Biuret as an NPN as Influenced by the Level of Concentrate and Level of Biuret in the Ration. 
E.T. Clemens, R.R. Wyatt, and R.R. Johnson.


Protein and Energy Intake Requirements for Laying Hens. 
R.H. Thayer, G.E. Hubbell, J.A. Kasbohm, R.D. Morrison, and E.G. Nelson.


Relation of Method of Processing Sorghum Grain to Utilization by Dairy Cows. 
L.J. bush, R.M. Alexander, G.D. Adams, and R.D. Morrison.


The Effects of Exposure to Ambient Temperature on Sperm Cells Stored in Straws.
M.E. Wells, P.J. Hefley, and T.L. Bright.


The Role of Acrosome in Prediction of Fertility. 
M.E. Wells, L.G. Lay, I. Elliot, and R.D. Morrison.


Morphology of Two Yeast Species Grown in Cottage Cheese Whey. 
D. Halter and J.B. Mickle.


Changes in Post Weaning Feed Efficiency as a Result of Selection for Increased Pre-Weaning and Post-Weaning Growth Rate in Mice. 
M.A. Brown and R.R. Frahm.


Summary Reports


Cow-Calf Stock Summary Report

  • Selection for Increased Growth Performance in Beef Cattle. 
    R.R Frahm and G. Selk. 
  • Comparison of Cow Productivity Among Certain Two-Breed Crosses. 
    R.R. Frahm and T. Stanforth.
  • Problems Associated with Induced Super Ovulation and Superfetation in Beef Cows. 
    E.J. Turman, J.G. MaGee, M.R. Johnson, and D.F. Marsden.

Meat & Carcass Evaluation Summary Report

  • A Method of Measuring Force for an Individual Muscle Fiber. 
    R.L. Hendrickson, R.D. Morrison, and J.L. Marsden. 
  • The Potassium Concentration in Four Major Protein Fractions of Bovine Longissimus Muscle. 
    J.J. Guenther, J.R. Ezcoubas, and J.D. Gresham.
  • Use of K40 Net Count as a Monitor of Body Composition in Growing and Fattening Beef Cattle and Swine. 
    L.E. Walters, T.R. Carr, and R.F. Queener.

Swine Summary Report

  • Influence of Heat Stress on Reproductive Performance of Boars. 
    R.P. Wettermann, I.T. Omtvedt, M.E. Wells, C.E. Pope, E.J. Turman, and T.W. Williams.
  • The Undesireable Flavor in Milk Resulting from Grazing Cows on Wheat Pasture. 
    P.E. Johnson, L.J. Bush, G.V. Odell and E.L. Smith.

Dairy Foods Summary Reports

  • Emulsifiers in Foods for the Elderly. 
    J.B. Mickle, Wanda Smith, Sue Knight and Olive Pryor.

Poultry Nutrition Summary Reports

  • Lipid Metabolism in laying Hens. 
    Rolling H. Thayer, R.R. Johnson, E.C. Nelson and A.L. Malle. 
  • Nutrient Intake Requiremenst of Caged Turkey Breeer Hens. 
    Rollin H. Thayer, E.C. Nelson, Robert D. Morrison and A.L. Malle.
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