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Roadside Vegetation Management Guidelines 4th Edition

A fourth edition of the Oklahoma Roadside Vegetation Management Guidelines was developed. The guidelines serve as a training and reference manual for Oklahoma Department of Transportation (ODOT) employees that are responsible for herbicide application as a part of maintaining roadside vegetation in Oklahoma. The guidelines were developed as a cooperative project between the Oklahoma State University Roadside Vegetation Management Program and the ODOT. The guidelines provide a comprehensive review necessary for understanding and implementing an integrated roadside vegetation management program that is compliant with ODOT, Oklahoma State and Federal policies, rules and regulations. The manual stresses the important concepts of weed identification, and the integration of proper mowing practices with sound herbicide selection and responsible product use. When properly implemented, the guidelines will aid in achieving cost effective, reduced risk weed control in desirable roadside vegetation. Where applicable, biological weed control agents are discussed. Herbicide product classification, pesticide fate, environmental protection, applicator personal protective equipment, proper equipment calibration and operation are discussed. Pesticide rules and regulations pertinent to Oklahoma are addressed. Use of the ODOT Approved Herbicide and Adjuvant List is also discussed.


Final Version of 4th Edition ODOT RVM Guidelines

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