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2023 Oklahoma Timber Price Report

  • Prices in this survey represent statewide averages, and are not intended to represent any past, current or future values for any buyer or seller.
  • Any use of this information is as is, with all faults and without any warranty of its accuracy.
  • Caution is advised, especially for statistics derived from less than three quotes.
  • The outlook for future wood pricing is mixed.
  • There is some sentiment that prices will trend lower or remain steady. However, the general consensus is that future wood pricing will continue to increase from current and previous years, following Canadian wood market stabilization.
  • Pine sawtimber prices may remain unchanged and cedar should remain steady.
  • Following a 2022 decrease in housing starts in the southern U.S., there has been positive growth in permits, starts and completions in 2023.
  • For questions on this report, please contact Dr. Ryan DeSantis at (405) 744-5463 or


This work was supported by the Oklahoma State University Ag Research/Ferguson College of Agriculture Undergraduate Research Scholars program and the OSU Extension Undergraduate Extension Scholar program.


Stumpage Prices (per ton) 

Species Product Average
Pine Sawtimber $31.14 *
  Pulpwood $9.07 *
Hardwood Sawtimber $31.25 **
  Pulpwood $12.01 *
Cedar Sawtimber $39.97 *
  Pulpwood $17.81 ***
    *     5+ Quotes
**   3-4 Quotes

Figure 1. 2023 Oklahoma timber price report.

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