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2010 Vegetable Weed Control Studies

The Department of Horticulture and Landscape Architecture, cooperating departments and experimental farms conducted a series of experiments on field vegetable production. Data were recorded on a majority of aspects of each study, and can include crop culture, crop responses and yield data. This report presents those data, thus providing up-to-date information on field research completed in Oklahoma during 2010.


Small differences should not be overemphasized. Least significant differences (LSD) values are shown at the bottom of columns or are given as Duncan’s letter groupings in most tables. Unless two values in a column differ by at least the LSD shown, or by the Duncan’s grouping, little confidence can be placed in the superiority of one treatment over another.


When trade names are used, no endorsement of that product or criticism of similar products not named is intended.


 Table of Contents
Subject Page
Cilantro Preemergence Weed Control 1
Cilantro Pre-Postemergence Weed Control 4
Preemergence Weed Control on Cucumber 8
Grape Herbicide Screening 2010 10
Preemergence Weed Control on Pepper 12
June Postemergence Weed Control in Pepper 13
July Postemergence Weed Control in Pepper 15
Mulching Methods for Weed Control in a Certified Organic Production System 17
Scythe®️ (Pelargonic Acid) Weed Control in Bell Peppers 20
Post-Directed Application of a Potential Organic Herbicide for Bell Peppers 24
Organic weed control for cantaloupe methods comparison trial 29


2010 Vegetable Weed Control Studies Report

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