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Welcome to the Washita County 4-H Program. The 4-H mission is to help young people become motivated, productive and contributing members of society as they “learn by doing.” 4-H projects develop life skills through project areas in which young people are interested. The USDA, Oklahoma State University and your Washita County government make our 4-H program possible.


4-H members, parents and volunteers are encouraged to communicate with the 4-H staff. We are always happy to help. Additional information, rules and guidelines will be published in the Washita County 4-H Newsletter which is mailed throughout the year to every 4-H family. Other sources of information are the Washita County OSU Extension Service website or the Extension 4-H educator.



4-H Clubs

Contact the Washita County OSU Extension Center for more information about any of our county 4-H clubs.



Club Information


  • BF-DC Senior 4-H
  • BF-DC Junior 4-H
  • Canute 4-H
  • Cordell Cloverbuds
  • Cordell Junior 4-H
  • Rocky 4-H
  • Sentinel Junior 4-H
  • Sentinel Senior 4-H
  • Washita County Teen Leaders


  • 7th-12th Grade
  • 8 AND 3rd grade-6th grade
  • All ages (5 yrs - 7th grade)
  • Ages 5-8
  • 8 AND 3rd grade-6th grade
  • All ages (5 yrs - 7th grade)
  • 8 AND 3rd grade-6th grade
  • 7th-12th grade
  • 7th-12 grade
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