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The goal of Family and Consumer Sciences is to help Oklahoma's families, youth, and individuals develop and grow in safe and healthy ways. This is approached through research-based education that focuses on building upon our understanding of the different aspects of their lives and how they affect others.


Local OHCE groups plan activities each year aimed at community improvement.  Projects are selected based on community need.  Many groups support local Blue Star Mom's and Supplies for Vets.  We hold monthly hobbies/craft demonstrations.  Others are involved in conducting health fairs and promoting character education.


Fundraisers provide money to support local scholarships.  More than $50,000 is awarded annually to Oklahoma youth through OHCE-sponsored scholarships.


Members of local groups share a common bond.  They may be interested in learning about nutrition or financial management, want to develop their parenting or grand-parenting skills, or focus on helping certain groups in their community.  These common interests provide connections, create a support system and form long-lasting friendships.  We have four OHCE clubs throughout Wagoner county.


If you are interested in joining OHCE contact Janis Risley, 918-486-4589.


Community Development

Wagoner County was recently ranked as the second fastest growing county in terms of population in the state of Oklahoma by US Census Bureau. However, the county ranks among the lowest in new job growth or job creation. 


In an effort to create more jobs in the county and keep the wealth from commuting outside, the Wagoner County Economic Development Authority collaborated with OSU Extension, Wagoner County to create a community development program.   



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