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A record book is an accumulation of all 4-H project work done in one or more years.  4-H members should add to their record book each year, including new information over their project experiences in the past year.  Members should describe the short-term projects they participated in or completed that lead towards the long-term 4-H project work goals.  Record books should include project information that shows the size and scope of the project work (how many were involved, number of items produced, number of hours spent on project, etc).


The 2019-2020 Oklahoma 4-H State Record Book information has been updated on the Oklahoma 4-H Website.


For County Record Book information click on the link below:

County Record Book Forms 

A few highlights of changes:

  • The Oklahoma Awards system is going digital.  All Level I, Level II, Level III, Hall of Fame, and National Congress applications will be uploaded to the Oklahoma 4-H Record Book Data Base.  Level IV and Pickens Scholarships should be emailed to  and the State office will be responsible for moving them to the online system.  More information will be coming to Educators about this process.  
  • Record Book judging will be done virtually this year.  Judges will get an invitation to view the applications they are responsible for reviewing. Judges will provide input and scores as normal.  Discussion by judges will take place using Zoom Conferencing committee rooms.  More information will be sent to Record Book Judges.  
  • Signature lines have been removed from the Oklahoma Report Form and added to the Certification Form.  This is to allow files to be combined into one PDF using the computer (directions will be provided at a later date) and only one scanned page uploaded.  These certification forms are for Level I, Level II, and Hall of Fame entries.  Level III, Level IV, and Pickens Scholarships do not need a certification form. 


The following statement has been added to the Oklahoma 4-H Awards Handbook:


  • Date(s) listed is when information is due to the State 4-H office. 
  • The Noble Co. OSU Extension office deadline for State Record Books is Wednesday, April 27 by close of business.   
  • Forms which require an Extension Educator signature will not be processed if signature is not present. 


Training Resources


State Record Books are encouraged for 4-H members who are in 8th - 12th grades. 4-H members that are eligible should consider completing a state record book. Top 3 in each project area for the state are selected for interviews and a final winner is selected and receives a $1200.00 scholarship. Every year there are more and more scholarship opportunities available in the 4-H program. For a complete explanation of the state record book and awards program, please contact Taylor at the Extension Office to begin developing a 4-H project plan.

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