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Welcome to the Noble County 4-H Program! We strive to build youth's leadership, citizenship, and life skills through the 4-H program. Find information and resources about 4-H in Noble county below. Interested and want to discuss 4-H? Contact the Noble County Extension Office at (580) 336-4621. We are happy to help!


What is 4-H? 

4-H is the largest youth organization in the nation, open to youth grades 3rd - 12th grades and administered by the OSU Extension. Through 4-H, youth learn valuable life skills that enable them to grow into productive citizens. Through hands-on learning opportunities in many different areas of interest, youth develop critical thinking skills, gain self-confidence, set and achieve goals, and learn responsibility.


Although 4-H is deeply rooted in agricultural practices, its not cows, plows and sows anymore. Today's 4-H youth can still be found showing steers, but also using GPS units, teaching others about drug and alcohol prevention, traveling, taking photographs and giving speeches.


4-H offers fun and unique opportunities to enhance life skills through age-appropriate activities.  Youth also have the opportunity to be part of the county officers and ambassadors, a team specifically for youth grades 7th to 12th that meet for service projects and fun outings.  Junior 4-H members, grades 3rd - 6th, can attend 4-H camp and Jr Roundup by earning points through participation in 4-H activities throughout the year.  For those youth ages 5 to 7, the Cloverbud program provides an introduction to 4-H activities through a non-competitive format.


4-H Enrollment

Due to changes in the enrollment process all new or current 4-H members must enroll online. Paper enrollment forms will no longer be accepted.


To join 4-H, there is a $20.00 enrollment fee per youth or no more than $60.00 for more than 3 members in a single family. Payment can be made online when enrolling with a credit card or payment can be sent to the Noble County Extension Office by check or cash.


We will not deny a child membership due to the inability to pay.


4-H Clubs

4-H Clubs are offered in all school districts and communities in Noble County. In order to be a member of a Noble County 4-H Club, the 4-H member must live in or go to school in Noble County. For more information on 4-H Clubs in your community or school, contact the Noble County OSU Extension Office or email the Club Leader/Volunteer from the list below.



4-H Project Groups

Project groups are small groups of 4-H members that meet seasonally for a period of time during the year for a specific topic or 4-H project. Each project group is lead by a Certified 4-H Volunteer or Teen Leader. They are open to all Noble County 4-H members.


  • Noble County 4-H Shooting Sports Project Club 
    Club Leader(s)/Coach(es): Tricia Moore  and Pete Moore 
    Meeting Location: Noble County Fairgrounds; Hog Barn

  • Frontier Fishing Project Group
    Volunteer: Sandy Kiser

  • Noble County 4-H Livestock Project Club
    Club Leaders: Vacant and currently seeking two volunteers to refill the positions for this club.
    Email: N/A


The Cloverbud program is open to youth ages 5 to 7. The Cloverbud program is a non-competitive, fun, informal educational program to acquaint youth with 4-H.  Cloverbuds participate in specially-designated classes where youth are not evaluated but rewarded for the learning experience.  Children of this age are not developmentally ready for competition.  The emphasis of Cloverbuds is to help each child grow and develop at his or her own pace and sample the many opportunities provided by 4-H.  As a result of their participation, the child is more informed about project selection when they enroll as a 4-H member in 3rd grade.


Noble County currently has two active Cloverbud Clubs:

  • Perry Cloverbud Club
    Club Leader(s): Vacant

  • Morrison Cloverbud Club
    Club Leader(s): Marcy Luter and Sheila Taylor

Cloverbuds are encouraged to meet as their own group apart from the 4-H club so that activities can be age-appropriate.


4-H Resources


State 4-H Virtual Roundup -

July 2020


Join us for State 4-H Roundup, held virtually throughout the month of July.

We are committed to continuing the 4-H Roundup tradition by offering virtual opportunities for 4-H members to engage in assemblies, workshops, contests, social gatherings and more!


Our vision is to bring the Oklahoma 4-H community together as we celebrate the camaraderie and achievements of our members.  


Follow the link below to review the workshop and contest summaries that you want to participate in.  Oklahoma State 4-H Roundup Information


Before Roundup, every participant will receive an email with a Zoom link to their workshops and contests.  It is Very Important that the email address is typed correctly on the registration form.  


The registration deadline is June 26, so register today at State 4-H Roundup Registration .

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