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Information and guidelines for the County Ambassador program, County Officer program and awards applications.


County 4-H Ambassadors

The Noble County 4-H Ambassador program provides an opportunity for 4-H youth in 7th through 12th grades to develop leadership skills while promoting and providing guidance for the Noble County 4-H program.  Selection as an Ambassador is a high honor and a professional attitude and commitment is a requirement.  Ambassadors serve for one calendar year, from January through December, and must reapply in December for the following year.


Ambassadors work with the County 4-H Extension Educator to:

  • Promote 4-H throughout Noble County
  • In pairs, develop and lead at least one county workshop per year
  • Represent 4-H at county 4-H activities and promotional opportunities
  • Provide leadership and direction to Noble County 4-H teen programming
  • Organize 4-H teen outings during the year
  • Plan the summer 4-H teen leadership retreat
  • Visit other clubs in the county to offer programs
  • Take the lead in developing county-wide service projects
  • Visit area schools to promote 4-H
  • Current members serving as County 4-H Officers are not eligible to apply
  • Must be able to attend 70% of the monthly meetings throughout the year. Failure to do so can result in possible removal or probationary status as an Ambassador


Qualifications: Mature, responsible, neat appearance, leadership abilities, able to speak in front of a group, must be able to travel around the county and must be enthusiastic.  Have a sincere desire to promote 4-H, willingness to interact with the general public and a commitment of time and energy.


4-H Age:  Must be in the 7th grade and not have graduated high school yet


County 4-H Officers

The Noble County 4-H Council will consist of:

  • County President- Must be 13 or older to run
  • County Vice President- Must be 13 or older to run
  • County Secretary- Must be 13 or older to run
  • County Treasurer
  • County Reporter
  • County Recreational Leader

If you submitted a state record book you have first choice of office to run for. Those who submitted county record books will fulfill the offices after those submitting state record books have run.


In addition, each chartered 4-H club in the county will choose a club representative from their club to serve as a voting member of the council. It is the club’s choice how they choose their club representative, and this position may be filled after county officers are elected. With this change, there are no longer limits to the number of 4-H youth that may serve on the Council from any one club. We are encouraging all youth that want to run for an office to do so.


The Council has also developed an officer contract that each candidate must fill out and bring with them to the officer elections. This officer contract spells out the duties and requirements expected of 4-H’ers serving as a County Officer.  Each club will select two voting delegates to vote at the elections. One of the two voting delegates needs to be the elected Club Representative. 


Hall of Fame

Each year at the Noble County 4-H Achievement Banquet a Hall of Fame winner is selected. This individual exhibits the characteristics of an outstanding 4-H member. They must be an active member at the local, county, district and state level. This individual is selected according to their project involvement and the leadership skills they have exhibited during their 4-H career. 4-H members must have completed the 10th, 11th or 12th grade in high school to be eligible.


Out of State Conference Sponsorship

Each year the Noble County 4-H Parent-Volunteer Association provides partial funding for out of state 4-H conferences. These sponsorships are given to 4-H members who are at least 15 years old and are active at the local, county, district and state level and to 4-H members that want to improve their leadership skills by attending a out of state conference.

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