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Oklahoma Home and Community Education, Inc.

Oklahoma Home and Community Education, Inc. is a program of continuing education in all aspects of home and community life. The organization’s ultimate mission is to educate its members to be well-informed and able to handle change in their homes and communities. Through its relationship with the Oklahoma Cooperative Extension Service, OHCE presents research-based information to its members.


Monthly educational lessons, leadership development and community service projects provide OHCE members an opportunity to apply this research based information in their homes and communities.


The Cooperative Extension Service is based at Oklahoma State University with offices and Extension Educators serving each county. OHCE  is a statewide and  county based organization. County Extension Educators, Family and Consumer Sciences serve as advisors to county HCE organizations. District and State Cooperative Extension Specialists and supervisors work with County Extension Educators and the OHCE program. Working in a cooperative effort, OHCE members and Extension Educators identify local issues facing families. These issues become the basis for OHCE educational programming and efforts are made to help families solve these problems.


OHCE is in a unique position to help individual members and their families and communities develop a higher level of living through education. No other organization is better poised to develop community leaders and informed citizens through research based educational programs.


Murray County OHCE Clubs

For more information on OHCE clubs please contact the Murray County Extension Office at (580) 622-3016.


  • Helping Hand
  • Progressive/Joy
  • Oaklawn
  • Rainbow
  • Share Croppers



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