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The Agriculture issue team is agri-science. The goal of this issue team is for young people to excel in agri-science and develop critical life skills. A list of the programs offered through the agri-science issue team can be found below.

Agriculture Services Provided

  • Soil Testing for grazing purposes
  • Hay testing for livestock
  • Feed testing for livestock
  • Water samples that provide better water quality for livestock
  • Information on pest control for crops
  • Identifying plant life on your farm
  • Identifying disease in crops


Horticulture Services Provided

  • Soil Samples for gardening and lawn
  • Gardening information for new gardeners
  • Tips for current gardeners
  • Pest control information
  • Disease identification and control information for plants
  • Fact Sheets for a wide variety of information concerning Horticulture
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