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OCES (Oklahoma Cooperative Extension Service) Family and Consumer Science  (FCS) specialists and educators work to improve the quality of life for all Oklahomans by providing educational and technical assistance.

Current key areas of focus include helping county residents with the high numbers of teenage pregnancies, low household-per-person income, child abuse and neglect, nutritionally inadequate diets, and needs specific to Oklahoma's increasing number of elderly residents.


Families have always been an integral part of the Oklahoma Cooperative Extension Service.  From food preservation practices and clothing to your family, to supervising the Oklahoma Home and Community Education groups the family has always been the center of the programs that Family and Consumer Science Educators offer.


Family finances, nutrition and health, parenting, safety and leadership are just a few of the topics that we address daily.  Whether you just have a question or enroll in a series of workshops we will help you get the answers you need to help keep your families healthy mentally, physically, and financially.  Our information is based on the most recent research from Oklahoma State University.


In FCS program areas, educators focus on specific impact areas across the state.  These impact areas are based upon input from National Initiatives, Program Advisory Committee recommendations, client needs, and expertise of the local Educator.  The impact areas in Cherokee County are Family Resilience, Health and Hunger.  Below is a listing of major programming, lesson titles, resources available in each of the impact areas.

Schedule dates/Co-Parenting Classes

Schedule for the classes for the year. If you go online make sure to click on the "On-site Registration" at the bottom of the page and print out the information sheet and the survey sheet and bring to OSU Extension Office with your payment.

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