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What is 4-H?

A 4-H club is a group of young people and adults who meet regularly for fun and learning. Clubs are usually made up of families from a community and often formed around schools, churches or community centers. Most clubs hold monthly meetings attended by members and their parents. Club members elect officers who lead the group and the meetings. An adult club leader advises the officers. The meetings usually last less than two hours. The time is equally divided among club business, recreation and educational programs. A well-organized 4-H club meeting provides opportunities for every member to be involved.


What does 4-H have to offer my child?

  • New friends, opportunities to develop public speaking skills, shared experiences, and participate in cooperative learning through local meetings, fairs and shows, educational tours, judging, demonstrations, recreational activities and county camps.
  • Training in citizenship, leadership, and character development.
  • Pride of ownership; Pride of workmanship
  • Leadership opportunities through local meetings, county activities, district and state conferences
  • Career exploration and life skill development through projects.
  • Recognition for work accomplished - county medals, cash awards, trips and college scholarships.

Active Jackson County 4H Clubs

  • Altus 4-H Club
  • Altus Christian Academy 4-H Club
  • Blair 4-H Club
  • Duke 4-H Club
  • Navajo 4-H Club
  • Olustee 4-H Club
  • Jackson County 4-H Dog Club
  • Jackson County 4-H Food Science Club
  • Jackson County 4-H Livestock Project Club
  • Jackson County 4-H Rocking Rabbit Club
  • Jackson County 4-H Robotics Club
  • Jackson County 4-H Sewing Club
  • Jackson County 4-H Shooting Sports Club
  • Jackson County 4-H Vet Science Club



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