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OCES Family and Consumer Sciences (FCS) specialists and educators work to improve the quality of life for all Oklahomans by providing educational and technical assistance.  Current key areas of focus include helping state residents solve complex concerns and issues related to: High numbers of teenage pregnancies, low household-per-person income, child abuse and neglect, nutritionally inadequate diets, and needs specific to Oklahoma's increasing number of elderly residents.  FCS professionals enable individuals and families to develop the capacity for strengthening families and enhancing communities in an ever-changing world.  Educational programs include:


  • Community Nutrition Education Programs (CNEP)
  • Oklahoma Partnership for Public Deliberation (OPPD)
  • Healthy Oklahoma
  • Growing Strong Families
  • Family Economic Well-Being
  • Oklahoma Home & Community Education


Family and Consumer Sciences Carter County services  

  • Carter County Oklahoma Home and Community Education

    Established in 1912, Oklahoma Home and Community Education, Inc. (OHCE) began with members in eleven counties. The program consisted of gardening, food preservation, clothing, home improvements and sanitation.Two years later, the Smith-Lever Act created the Oklahoma Cooperative Extension Service (OCES) in a joint agreement of the United States Department of Agriculture and Oklahoma State University, and a natural partnership was born.


    OHCE and OCES have evolved and broadened their focus over the years, but they still hold the same basic values.Both organizations emphasize a value in family and a belief that education is the solution to contemporary human challenges. Although separate organizations, the two groups have formed an invaluable partnership, working together to reach the families of Oklahoma.


    Today, working closely with OCES Family and Consumer Sciences (OCES-FCS), OHCE members are promoting research-based information related to family, home and community through local, county and state OHCE associations.

  • Community Nutrition Education Program

    Community Nutrition Education Program (CNEP) is a grant funded program available to low-income families to provide them education on the values of eating a healthy diet and ways to stretch their food dollars throughout the month.


    Nutrition Education Assistants (NEA) of Oklahoma State University are staffed in each district of Oklahoma. NEAs present research-based nutrition education lessons to qualifying persons either in group settings or as an individual in the comfort of the client's home.


    These research-based lessons follow the guidelines set by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA). For more information,contact Barbara Gay, Nutrition Education Assistant for the Community Nutrition Education Program in Carter County at or (580)223-6570.

  • Co-Parenting for Resilience

    Cooperative parenting with your former spouse can give your children continued stability and close relationships with both parents. In reality, putting aside relationship issues to co-parent amicably can be extremely stressful and difficult.


    Despite the many challenges, though, it is possible to initiate and maintain a cordial working relationship with your co-parent for the sake of your children. You have the power to remain calm, stay consistent, and avoid or effectively resolve conflicts all in the name of putting your children’s needs first.


    The key to co-parenting is focusing on your child—and your child only. Co-parenting is not about your feelings, or those of your ex spouse, but rather about your child’s happiness, stability, and future. Resolve to keep your issues with your co-parent away from your children.


    Peaceful, consistent, and purposeful communication with your ex is essential to the success of co-parenting. Think about communication with your co-parent as having the highest purpose: your child’s well being.


  • Carter County OHCE

    Our county program as a part of Oklahoma Home and Community Education (OHCE), is a program of continuing education in all aspects of home and community life. The organization's ultimate aim is to educate its members to be well informed and able to guide change in their home and communities.


    Through a partnership with the Oklahoma Cooperative Extension Service, OHCE presents research-based information to its members and the public through monthly leader lessons and district and state meetings. Leadership development and community service projects provide OHCE members further opportunities to apply this research-based information to practical use for their homes and communities.


    Membership in OHCE and services provided by Oklahoma Cooperative Extension Service (OCES) are open to all persons regardless of age, race, color, religion, sex, disability, gender, national origin or status as a veteran.


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