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Summer Livestock Management

Thursday, July 6, 2023

This week on SUNUP:

  • Rosslyn Biggs, OSU Extension beef cattle specialist, has new information regarding newly placed livestock checkpoints at the Oklahoma/Texas border.
  • Kim Anderson, OSU Extension grain marketing specialist, discusses the 2023 marketing year for wheat.
  • Mark Johnson, OSU Extension beef cattle breeding specialist has information on how to manage heat stress in cattle, then discusses the benefits of early weaning during hot temperatures.
  • Dave Lalman, OSU Extension beef cattle specialist, explains how the Oklahoma Gold Program can be useful for fall-born replacement heifers.
  • Shannon Ferrell, OSU agricultural law specialist, says it’s important for producers to focus on their mental health, given all the challenges many faced this past year.
  • Laura Goodman, OSU Extension rangeland specialist, explains the dangers of curly dock.
  • Finally, SUNUP takes a look back at a workshop about managing mass loss in livestock. 


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