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Fact Sheet
Co-Parenting: The Unique Role of Fathers

Fathers are irreplaceable and are encouraged to engage in their children’s life by doing things like playing, reading and talking with their kids.

Divorce & CoparentingParenting & Family Relationships
Fact Sheet
Las parejas y el dinero: hablemos sobre esto

A guide to aid couples in navigating their finances, and an explanation of the different systems to handle money for effective finance communication.

Budgeting & Financial PlanningMarriageMoney Management (Personal)Parenting & Family Relationships
Fact Sheet
Teaching Children about Emotions

Learn how to define emotional intelligence with tips on what to do and what not to do when teaching children about emotions and coping.

Disease ManagementHealth, Nutrition & WellnessMental HealthParenting & Family RelationshipsParenting Young Children
Fact Sheet
Goal Setting for Farm and Ranch Families

A worksheet that encourages individuals to create a well-developed “road map” for a farm or ranch along with a helpful guide to goal setting.

Budgets & RecordkeepingBusiness Planning & ManagementFarm & Ranch FinancesParenting & Family Relationships
Fact Sheet
Balancing Family and Work

How dual-earner and single-parent families can balance the needs of family and work to reduce stress for a healthy home life, work life and self-satisfaction.

Parenting & Family Relationships
Fact Sheet
We Agree: Creating a Parenting Plan Parenting Agreement Worksheet Oklahoma Version

A parenting worksheet guiding co-parents and setting guidelines to meet the needs of their children as they parent apart.

Divorce & CoparentingParenting & Family RelationshipsParenting AdolescentsParenting Young Children
Fact Sheet
Tips for Working with an Uncooperative Co-Parent!: 10 Things You Should Do

Understand the three primary characteristics of a healthy co-parenting relationship and how to create a healthy environment for the children.

Divorce & CoparentingMarriageParenting & Family Relationships
Fact Sheet
Tips for Successful Stepfamilies: Moving Your Marriage from Surviving To Thriving–Part 2

Tips for parents on how to become a bridge between the stepparent and the children to help everyone adjust to the new family arrangement.

Divorce & CoparentingMarriageParenting & Family Relationships
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