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Fact Sheet
Dietary Salt and Sodium

The role and functions salt and sodium play in the human diet.

Disease ManagementHealth, Nutrition & WellnessObesity
Fact Sheet
Diet and Diabetes

An explanation and treatments for the two different types of diabetes.

Disease ManagementHealth, Nutrition & WellnessNutrition
Fact Sheet
Grasa alimenticia y colesterol

A general overview of the fats and sterols that are found in food and a guide to reducing the intake of them through choosing healthier alternatives.

Disease ManagementHealth, Nutrition & WellnessNutritionObesity
Fact Sheet
Teaching Children about Emotions

Learn how to define emotional intelligence with tips on what to do and what not to do when teaching children about emotions and coping.

Disease ManagementHealth, Nutrition & WellnessMental HealthParenting & Family RelationshipsParenting Young Children
Fact Sheet
Human Lice and Scabies

Identify lice and scabies in humans and discover ways to control and prevent them.

Disease ManagementHealth, Nutrition & Wellness
Fact Sheet
Life and Challenges of Low-Income Couples Living in America: A Resource Guide for Relationship Educators

A layout of some of the challenges faced by low-income couples and a program to help couples handle issues like children and finances.

Disease ManagementDrug AbuseHealth, Nutrition & WellnessMarriageParenting & Family Relationships
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