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Fact Sheet
Lawn Care Safety and Basic Maintenance Tips for Teens

How to properly maintain common lawn care tools and machinery such as lawn mowers and leaf blowers and the proper protective equipment needed for each.

4H Youth DevelopmentGardening & Lawn CareLandscapingLawns & Turfgrass
Fact Sheet
Plant Selection Factors

Five plant selection factors when choosing plants for a landscape garden.

Gardening & Lawn CareLandscaping
Fact Sheet
What is Landscape Architecture?

The importance of landscape architecture and the type of projects conducted by architects.

Gardening & Lawn CareLandscaping
Fact Sheet
Tree Planting Guide

Planting techniques and methods that should be used ensure a successful tree establishment with a list of tree species that can be grown in Oklahoma.

Composting, Fertilizing, & MulchingGardening & Lawn CareLandscapingTrees
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