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Fact Sheet
Using Poultry Litter as Fertilizer

Poultry litter fertilizer requirements and management practices for the use in crop production.

Composting, Fertilizing, & MulchingGardening & Lawn CareLivestockManure & Litter Management
Fact Sheet
Fireplace Ashes for Lawn and Garden Use

Fireplace ashes may be safely and beneficially applied to lawn and garden soils to effect nutrient content, liming value and salt content.

Composting, Fertilizing, & MulchingCropsGardening & Lawn CareOrganic & Sustainable
Fact Sheet
Fact Sheet
Fact Sheet
Healthy Garden Soils

A guide on how to learn to maintain and incorporate new methods to preserve the wellbeing of garden soils.

Composting, Fertilizing, & MulchingCropsGardening & Lawn CareOrganic & SustainableSoilSoil Health & Fertility
Fact Sheet
Fertilizing Shade and Ornamental Trees and Shrubs

An explanation on why young tress should be fertilized annually compared to more mature trees who may not need this type of maintaining.

BerriesComposting, Fertilizing, & MulchingCropsFruits & Tree NutsGardening & Lawn CareLandscapingOrnamentalsShrubsTrees
Fact Sheet
Don't Bag It: Mulching with Wood Chips

The conservation of soil moisture, weed reduction and soil cooling properties of using wood chips to decrease waste and recycle tree trimmings.

Composting, Fertilizing, & MulchingCropsGardening & Lawn CareLandscapingOrganic & SustainableRecyclingWaste Management
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