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Fact Sheet
Field Key to Larvae in Pecans

The more typical larvae of the common insect species found in pecans and on pecan trees in Oklahoma are looked at in detail.

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Fact Sheet
Starting Pecan Trees

The four basic ways of establishing a pecan tree its advantages and disadvantages of each method.

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Fact Sheet
Low-Cost Pecan Sanitizer Plans for Small-Scale Producers

How the construction of a pecan sanitizer plays a role in the functionality of the sanitization process.

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Fact Sheet
Commercial Pecan Insect and Disease Control -2013

How to apply pesticides for effective insect and disease control in commercial pecan operations.

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Fact Sheet
Managing Pecans in the Home Landscape

The proper pecan management and harvest practices necessary to maximize nut production in pecan trees.

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Fact Sheet
Whip and Tongue Grafting Pecans

Problems and characteristics of varieties of wheat to help make educational decisions about which to grow.

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Fact Sheet
Improving Native Pecan Groves

How to optimize the production of pecan groves and the techniques to maintain their habitat for higher performance rates.

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