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Fact Sheet
Oklahoma Cropland Rental Rates: 2018-19

A 2018-2019 survey reporting the rental agreements, rates and influencing factors of leasing farmland in Oklahoma.

Business Strategy & MarketingCrop EconomicsFarm & Ranch FinancesLeasing & Rental Rates
Fact Sheet
Wheat and Flour Quality for Varieties Tested in the 2016 OSU Wheat Variety Performance Tests

The types of performance tests on various wheat and flour varieties to determine physical attributes and baking quality of the bread.

Business Strategy & MarketingCrop EconomicsCropsGrains & OilseedsWheat
Fact Sheet
Contribution of Agriculture to Oklahoma’s Economy: 2015

This report aims to document the contribution agriculture makes to the Oklahoma economy in 2015.

AgritourismBusiness Strategy & MarketingCommunity & Rural ImprovementEconomic Development
Fact Sheet
Market Research Study: Organic Fruit, Vegetable and Herb Production

A study of the public’s general consensus towards organic fruits, vegetables and herb productions and where those trends are predicted to go.

Business Strategy & MarketingCropsFood ProductsFruits & Tree NutsMarketing Strategy & TacticsOrganic & SustainableVegetables
Fact Sheet
Helpful Tips for Improving the Visual Appeal of Marketing Materials

Design guidelines will improve any marketing program and serve as an evaluation tool for prospective service providers’ portfolios or work examples.

Business Strategy & MarketingFood ProductsMarketing Strategy & Tactics
Fact Sheet
Market Research Study: Organic, Free-range and Pasture Poultry

A study of the public’s general consensus towards organic, free-range and pasture poultry and where those trends are predicted to go.

Business Strategy & MarketingFood ProductsLivestockMarketing Strategy & TacticsPoultry
Fact Sheet
Causes of Fertilizer Price Volatility

How a shift in global supply chain increases in global trade volatility effect fertilizer price.

Business Strategy & MarketingExporting & International MarketsFarm & Ranch Finances
Fact Sheet
Marketing Puzzle: Futures Option Contracts

An explanation of what futures options contracts are, the terminology used in them, when to use put option contracts and when to use call option contracts.

Business Strategy & MarketingMarketing Strategy & Tactics
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