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Since 1925, the first time an OSU Livestock judging team claimed victory at the International in Chicago, OSU students have earned more national championships (19) than any other university in the country. 


The 2007 team holds the record for the highest team score at the American Royal.

About the Coach

Parker Henley is originally from central Missouri where he and his family raised Angus and Charolais cattle. Parker was a member of the Reserve National Champion Livestock Judging Team at Butler Community College. He received an animal science degree at Kansas State University where he was a member of the livestock judging team. He then went on to coach the livestock judging team at the University of Illinois before joining the faculty at Oklahoma State University in 2019.



The livestock judging team is posing in front of the awards.

“By being on the team, you learn to be a member of a team with one goal in mind, but you’re acting and performing as an individual who has to have confidence in one’s self. Then you have to make decisions within a time limit, be able to defend your decisions and convince the person listening to your reasons that your placing was correct. If asked questions about your placing and reasons for the placing, you could look them in the eye and defend your decision in a very professional way. There is no one to lean on or to blame, that training follows you through your entire life, and I don't believe there is a way to place a value on it.”

- Minnie Lou Bradley, 1952 Livestock Judging Team member


Coaches Clinic Videos


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