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Stardust is a hard white variety best adapted to north central Oklahoma and south central Kansas. Sprout resistance, disease package fit for this region. Medium early maturity, good resistance to stripe rust, excellent straw strength. Good milling and baking quality verified by Wheat Quality Council.


Oklahoma producers interested in taking advantage of a robust hard white wheat market will be in an excellent position to do so with the release of Stardust, a variety developed by the Oklahoma State University Division of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources. Stardust could lead to Oklahoma claiming more markets for wheat grown in the state.


This variety, whose parentage includes OK Rising, features an improved level of sprout tolerance with agronomic capabilities and yield potential comparable to some of OSU’s most popular hard red varieties.


Its quality characteristics and lighter brancoat make it a strong and versatile choice for bread baking.


Consumer preference is fueling the high and increasing demand for hard white wheat. Whole grain white bread is made from hard white wheat, which allows bakers to create a whole grain product without the red color or the slightly different taste.


Also, millers can extract more flour from the grain of hard white wheat and thereby increase the efficiency of the milling process.


In the past, the primary issue with cultivating hard white wheat in Oklahoma has been sprouting tolerance.

The same red tannins and other natural components that give wheat grain its red color also help prevent sprouting. When these unnecessary components are bred away, the sprout tolerance can go away as well. As a result, hard white wheat production has been confined to the high plains where rainfall after wheat has matured is less likely. Stardust offers the right mix of agronomic traits and sprout tolerance to thrive in central Oklahoma.

The variety’s name was inspired by a visual connection to the brighter or lighter appearance of white wheat kernels and the resulting flour, as well as by the timeless versatility of the song, “Stardust,” which was composed and originally recorded in 1927 by American composer/bandleader Hoagy Carmichael.


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