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OSU’s Gallagher wheat variety boasts Duster parentage and forage production with improved yield and disease resistance. Gallagher is an early maturing variety with good grazing tolerance, and exhibits an approximate 15 percent increase in seed size over Duster. It is resistant to leaf rust and strip rust, wheat soilborne mosaic virus and wheat spindle streak mosaic virus. In addition, Gallagher is moderately resistant to tan spot and barley yellow dwarf. The variety is also septoria leaf blotch resistant for no-till and high-residue systems.

Gallagher exhibits an acid soil tolerance comparable to Duster, is Hessian fly resistant and has the ability to exceed 12 percent grain protein with adequate fertilization. It has good stay green and shattering tolerance characteristics, with above average baking and milling characteristics.

Gallagher area of adaptation.

The wheat variety is well suited for Oklahoma operations, with the exception of those in the Panhandle, which is considered a secondary area of adaptation.


Below are some of the benefits of the Gallagher variety:


  • Early maturity with good grazing tolerance
  • 15% increase in seed size over Duster
  • Resistant to current races of leaf and stripe rust
  • Moderately resistant to tan spotGallagher characteristcs.
  • Moderately resistant to BYDV
  • Resistant to Wheat Soilborne and Wheat Spindle Streak Mosaic Viruses
  • Septoria leaf blotch resistance for no-till or high-residue systems
  • Acid soil tolerance comparable to Duster
  • Hessian fly resistant
  • Ability to exceed 12% grain protein with adequate fertilization

Gallagher Release Announcement

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