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Named after OSU First Cowgirl and developed by the Oklahoma State Ferguson College of Agriculture experts, Baker’s Ann will exceed expectations in the field and beyond.


A premium-quality wheat variety well suited for quality-based contracted production at a yield potential comparable to Green Hammer and Showdown.  Baker's Ann produces smaller seed than Gallagher (similar to Iba) at about one-half point higher wheat protein, and qualitatively stronger dough to the degree Wheat Quality Council has classified this variety as a good blending wheat to correct for poor strength elsewhere.  Baker's Ann exhibits very strong resistance to stripe rust across a wide geography, though resistance to leaf rust may need to be bolstered with a fungicide application.  It will fit best in the Oklahoma panhandle and north central Oklahoma, and originates from the cross, TAM 303 sister/Billings.  Owing to its Texas parentage, Baker's Ann will carry the brand of GrazenGrain® but will carve a greater reputation​ under the banner of premium quality.



The high yield potential of Baker’s Ann, along with its strong disease resistance, especially for stripe rust, will appeal to producers who wish to capture the added value in the grain. This variety’s premium milling and baking qualities will be attractive to end users. Baker’s Ann will perform best in the Panhandle and north central Oklahoma, but can be produced statewide.


“Baker’s Ann is the combination of good agronomics and quality,” Brett Carver, OSU Regents Professor and wheat breeder, said. “It’s the exceptional level of quality that brought this variety forward and I think will bring it a lot of attention. This is the variety that answers the need for an exceptional level of milling and baking quality in the domestic and international marketplaces.”


The key characteristics of Baker's Ann.


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