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Oklahoma Water Resources Center

The Oklahoma Water Resource Center helps resolve water issues in Oklahoma by sponsoring research and sharing the knowledge that results from it. The Water Resources Research Act of 1964 authorized the establishment of a water resources research and technology center or institute at a land-grant university in each state. As a result, the Oklahoma Water Resources Research Institute (currently known as the Oklahoma Water Resources Center) was founded in 1965 at OSU within the Division of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources. The center is now a member of the National Institutes for Water Resources.



For more information and resources provided by the OSU Water Center, visit the Oklahoma Water Resources Center internet site.


ThinkWater Conservation Program

The goal of ThinkWater is to educate Oklahomans about responsible water use through the implementation of sustainable irrigation and landscape practices that preserve Oklahoma's limited resources, benefiting the state’s economy and its residents.


To learn more about the ThinkWater program, visit the ThinkWater OSU Extension internet site.

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