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This FREE Summer Program will be open to current United/Unidos students and students who are entering 6th, 7th, or 8th grade at Hale Middle School, East Central Middle School, Monroe Demonstration Academy, or Rogers Jr. High.

Dates for Summer 2023

  • June 6 - July 27: Tuesdays & Thursdays 8:30 AM - 3:30 PM  | Students will enjoy field trips and workshops throughout the summer. 
  • July 25  | OSU-Stillwater Day | Trip Spend a day in the life of an OSU student! Tour the campus, eat in the dining hall, and more!


Pickup/Drop-off Locations

  • Will Rogers Jr. High 3909 E 5th Pl, Tulsa, OK 74112
    Drop off your students by 8:30 AM. 
    Pick up students by 3:30 PM.


  • OSU-Tulsa 700 N Greenwood Ave
    Drop off your students by 8:20 AM. 
    Pick up students by 3:30 PM.


Tentative Schedule for 2023

  • June 6 (Field Day)

    Let's kick off the summer by getting to know each other at our orientation day! Afterwards, we will have a water obstacle course game and tie dye some shirts.

  • June 8 (SPCA & Bob Dylan Center)

    Ever wondered what it takes to own a puppy? Or how to be a responsible pet owner? We will visit the SPCA and they will answer those questions and after, we will get the chance to visit the animals they have in their shelter. We will also visit the Bob Dylan Center and students will have a self-guided tour learning about this famous singer/songwriter.

  • June 13 (Tours of Tulsa and Architecture)

    Did you know Tulsa was once considered the "Oil Capital of the World"? Did you know many buildings in downtown Tulsa are inspired by the roaring 20's art deco style? We will learn about architecture through a walking tour of downtown Tulsa along with a special presentation provided by Lee Simon Design!

  • June 15 (FC Tulsa & Firefighters)

    Tulsa Fire Department will visit our students and answer any questions they may have about becoming a firefighter. FC Tulsa will provide a "soccer clinic" for our students!

  • June 20 (UMA Cooking & YMCA)
    UMA Tulsa will provide a nutrition class for our students. They will learn about different food groups and how food fuels our bodies! Students will blend their own smoothies with UMA's bike blender. Afterwards, we'll visit the YMCA and enjoy the rest of the day at the pool!
  • June 22 (Tulsa Performing Arts Center)
    Break a leg and let's get this show on the road! Students will have the opportunity to tour the PAC and see all the efforts that goes into making plays for the Tulsa community!
  • June 27 (World Stage Theater)
    We will experience a dress rehearsal for the junior play, Wiz, and enjoy improve and other acting activities!
  • June 29 (Black Wall Street and Fab Lab)
    We will learn about the history in a walking tour of the Greenwood Rising area. Students will also learn and explore Black Wall Street. Students will also enjoy a session with the Fab Lab. Students will let their creativity and innovation shine!
  • July 4 (No programming)
    NO programming this day. Enjoy this day with your family!
  • July 6 (Health Department and Yoga)

    Do you like health professions? We will get to know the Tulsa health department, and we will have the opportunity to explore new careers, in our guided tour we will learn more about:

    • PRPA and Epidemiology
    • Environmental Health Services
    • Environmental water laboratory
    • Food Protection Services
    • PREP/IAK/Dietitian
    • Nursing/Clinical Services
  • July 13 (Movie Day)
    Lights, camera, action! What exactly goes into making a movie? How do I pursue a career in film/tv? After learning about everything that goes into making a movie, we will visit AMC and watch Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse.
  • July 19 (Philbrook Museum)
    We will visit the most attractive and welcoming cultural institution in Tulsa, the Philbrook Museum of Art! Providing a unique trifecta of experiences: a historic house, a world-class art museum, and 25 acres of gardens.
  • July 25 (OSU Trip)
    Join us as at OSU-Stillwater for a fun day! We will begin with a tour of the campus, eat in the campus dining hall, and have a “reality check” presentation from a professor, and more! This is a day you don’t want to miss!
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