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Partnering with Local Libraries to Loan out the Internet!

A hand holding a white hotspot.

Oklahoma State University’s Division of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources partners with select public libraries to enhance broadband access to residents in some of the state’s more rural areas. We currently have over 20 libraries participating, and hope to add between four and seven new libraries each year as the program continues to grow. Each library receives multiple hotspot devices with unlimited data for a full year.


Please see the links to the right for more information about the program and how to apply to become a partner.



A map of Oklahoma with the library hotspot lending locations marked with different colored dots.



Two women holding a hotspot in a library.






Thomas-Wilhite Memorial Library hotspot lending program.





Partner Libraries


Application for Interested Libraries

After the program’s initial success in 2017-18, we would like to continue growing by adding roughly 4-5 rural libraries each year. The program typically begins in May or June and is funded for a full year. Participating libraries are responsible for collecting patron surveys for that year, participating in monthly conference calls, and trying to continue the program once the initial funding expires.


A formal application will be uploaded to this site at a later date.


If you are a rural librarian in Oklahoma interested in this program, please contact Dr. Brian Whitacre.


Two people holding a hotspot while standing in a library.






Davis Public Library hotspot lending program.





Year 1 (Pilot Program) Statistics
Program Averages 130 loans / library
  12 people on wait list
  9.5 / 10 satisfaction ranking
User Demographics 75% have incomes < %50,000
  64% have children at home
  65% connect with more than 1 device
Data Usage 73 GB / device / month


OSU Fact Sheets on Broadband Access


Our Program in the News

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