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Explore these online tools designed to assist you in effectively managing precision agriculture and soil fertility. 



Grab your phone and download these apps to help you manage your crops!


GreenSeeker Data Logger Help Sheet - This document helps the users of the GreenSeeker Data Logger mobile device application. 



Apps Released by OSUNPK

Wildlife Food Plots - This app identifies food plot forages that can be planted for wildlife management. For each plant species proper seeding rate and planting recommendations are provided. Lists of desirable plants can be created, saved and sent via email. (Cost: FREE!)


GrazeOK - Managing livestock demands accurate and fast decisions for a successful operation. Nowadays, managers rely on either inaccurate visual inferences or expensive tools for acquiring fast answers to in-farm issues. GrazeOK is a user friendly electronic version of the Oklahoman grazing stick which allows fast and proper estimation of stock density, number of pastures, grazing and rest days by simply measuring plant height and canopy cover with a yard stick and inputting them in your phone. (Cost: FREE!) An accompanying YouTube video explaining the app and how to collect data is available.


Cattle Management in Limited Forage - Beef production can be influenced by widespread drought, record high and low grain and feed prices, and economic uncertainties. Capturing value, managing returns and least-cost production is crucial for beef cattle operators. This application is designed to help producers identify management practices for cow-calf operations when pasture is limited. There is a list of questions in this application intended to help beef producers determine appropriate management practices for cow-calf operations when pasture is limited. Answer the series of questions to determine a possible management practice. (Cost: FREE!)


Grazing Management Toxic Plants - This application was developed for livestock producers interested in grazing forage crops. Plants listed have been evaluated for safety in regards to metabolic or toxicity issues for multiple classifications of livestock species. All plants will have a score for the usefulness of the plant as grazing forage for livestock. The ranking is based on a 0-4 scale where 0 is not recommended to 4 being highly recommended. The rankings are based on safe consumption of the plant, forage quality, and yield potential. (Cost: FREE!)


Grain Drill Calibration Calc - This application is designed to aid in the calibration of a grain drill or planter for canola seeding rates. Canola seeding rate can be calibrated via volumetric (mL) measures. All other grains and granular fertilizer rates can be calibrated through weight measures (grams, ounces, or pounds). (Cost: FREE!)


Soil Sample Barcode Reader - This app is designed to aid those who use the Oklahoma State University Soil Water Forage Analytical Laboratory. With this app, users can utilize the internal GPS of their mobile device to log the location that a soil or tissue sample is collected as well as add an ID and description to the site. The app can also access the camera in the device to capture an image of the SWFAL bar code to link a sample number to each sample which can be done at the time of collection or later. (Cost: FREE!)


Return on Nitrogen Investment - This app is designed as a tool in determining economic nitrogen (N) rates. This calculator determines the return on investment (ROI) of N fertilizer for multiple crops under two different scenarios. The first scenario is that yield fertilized for is not realized. The other scenario is if the producer under fertilizes for the environment. (Cost: FREE!)


Canola Starter - This App calculates the maximum amount of fertilizer that should be applied with winter canola seed at planting based upon row spacing and fertilizer source. This app is just a general guide and sounds agronomics should be used in all situations. (Cost: FREE!)


Crop Nutrients in Irrigation Water Calculator - Irrigation water is never without minerals and nutrients. With the input of laboratory results and an expected seasonal irrigation by the user this app will provide an estimated amount of nutrients delivered with every acre in of water applied and total pounds per acre per season. These results can then be used to adjust fertilizer management plans and strategies. Nutrients included in this app are: Nitrate, Sulfate, Iron, Ammonium, Chloride, Boron, Calcium, Magnesium and Potassium. (Cost: FREE!)


Field Guide - Oklahoma Nutrient Management Field Guide App is a mobile version of a printed handbook. Within this App users have access to nutrient removal values, a nutrient deficiency identification tool, fertilizer calculations for all of the major crops grown with Oklahoma and information on fertilizer sources and using the N-Rich Strip and GreenSeeker Sensor. (Cost: FREE!)


Apps Released by the Division of Agricultural Sciences & Natural Resources

Canopeo - Canopeo is a rapid and accurate green canopy cover measurement tool. Use this app to quantify the percent canopy cover of live green vegetation for any agricultural crop, turf, or grassland based on downward-facing photos taken with your mobile device. Replace the traditional visual scoring or the sometimes expensive desktop programs with this powerful and portable quantitative tool. Canopeo is based on research conducted at Oklahoma State University and allows you to accurately determine the percent canopy cover in real-time, so that you can precisely monitor crop progress and make informed management decisions. Potential applications include: quantifying canopy cover of small grains and row crops; measuring crop damage by freeze, hail, or herbicide; evaluating turf grass stands. (Cost: FREE!)


Ammonia Loss - Accurate estimates of ammonia volatilization losses from surface applications of urea in agriculture. Estimates are in percent of the total N rate applied. (Cost: FREE!)

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