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Common Name: Groundplum

Other Names: Groundplum Milk-vetch, Buffalo Bean

Species Name: Astragalus crassicarpus

Plant Type: Legume

Family Name: Fabaceae, Pea Family





Plant Facts  
Origin Native
Duration Perennial
Distribution in the U.S. Midwest; Canada to Texas and New Mexico
Distribution in Oklahoma Throughout the state



ID Characteristics

  • Field Identification Characteristics


    • Short stems and branches with pinnate, elongated leaves
    • Terminal leaf at ends of branches


    • Spherical seed pods
    • Flowers can be purple, blue or rarely white
  • Leaf and Stem Characteristics
    • Leaf Type: Compound, 1-pinnately 
    • Leaf Arrangement: Alternate
    • Leaf Shape: Elliptic to oblanceolate or suborbiculata
    • Stipules: Present
  • Floral Characteristics
    • Petal Number: 5, fused
    • Flower Color: Purple or lilac or light blue, rarely white or cream
    • Flower Timing: March to late May or early June
    • Fruit Type: Legumes



Soil Type Sandy soils
Habitat Prairies, glades, and open woods, sloping and drier, rocky
Successional Stage Mid to late


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