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Welcome to Plant ID

Plant ID is a website from OSU Extension that helps visitors identify and learn about plants.

You can view plant identification profiles by common name in an A-Z list via the button below, or choose one of the categories farther down this page to explore hundreds of plants found in Oklahoma. If you need additional help in properly identifying plants, view the Guidelines for Plant Identification to learn how to submit a physical and digital sample.

Select a Plant Category

Cropping System Weeds

Find information and images about weeds occurring within cropping systems in Oklahoma.

Forest Tree Species

Learn and identify the different forest tree species in Oklahoma.

Ornamental Plants

Find information to aid in exploration and identification of ornamental plants.

Range and Pastures

Learn about and identify plants found in Oklahoma pastures and range.

Plant Identification Profiles

View all the plant profiles by their common name in an A-Z list.

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Plant ID Contacts

Lou Anella

Botanic Garden Director

Ryan Desantis

Forest Ecology & Management Extension Specialist

Laura Goodman

Rangeland Ecology Extension Specialist

Beatrix Haggard

Plant and Soil Sciences Educator Training Extension Specialist

David Hillock

Consumer Horticulture and Master Gardener Program Extension Specialist

Dennis Martin

Turfgrass Extension Specialist

Bryan Murray 

Assistant Professor Forest Ecology and GIS

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