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Common Name: Bushy Wallflower

Other Names: Spreading Wallflower, Spreading Wormseed

Species Name: Erysimum repandum L.

Plant Type: Broadleafs, Herbaceous

Family Name: Brassicaceae





Plant Facts  
Origin Native
Duration Annual
Season Cool
Distribution in the U.S. Primarily in the central and southern Great Plains (NE, SD, KS, OK, TX, IA, MO, MT, WY, CO, NM).
Distribution in Oklahoma Throughout the state



ID Characteristics

  • Field Identification Characteristics
    • Flowers: Pale yellow or sulphur yellow (rarely greenish-yellow) corolla; petals 4 (5-11 millimeters long); sepals 4 (4-5.5 millimeters long), densely hairy, hairs stellate
    • Inflorescence: Raceme, elongating in fruit, flowers often spreading at right angles to the rachis (central stem)
    • Narrow leaves with smooth edges
  • Leaf and Stem Characteristics
    • Leaf Type: Simple
    • Leaf Arrangement: Alternate
    • Leaf Shape: Linear to linear oblanceolate, upper blades triangular at the base, margins unevenly dentate to even, surfaces thinly pubescent with 2 and 3 forked hairs
    • Stipules: Absent
    • Stems: Erect to ascending, usually branched, surfaces pubescent with forked hairs
  • Floral Characteristics
    • Petal Number: 4
    • Flower Color: Pale yellow or sulphur yellow (rarely greenish yellow)
    • Flower Timing: May-July
    • Fruit Type: Silique (5-12 centimeters long, less than 1 millimeter in diameter), nearly round to 4 angled, appearing continuous with the pedicel, ascending to erect, smooth to pubescent; seeds several



Soil Type Varying
Habitat In cultivated fields (especially in winter wheat and fallow fields), alfalfa, roadsides, waste places and occasionally in pastures and rangeland
Successional Stage  


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