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Plant Profile  
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Common Name: Blackjack Oak

Other Names: Blackjack

Species Name: Quercus marilandica

Plant Type: Woody

Family Name: Fagaceae, Beech Family





Plant Facts  
Origin Native
Duration Perennial
Distribution in the U.S. Southeastern quarter and as far north as Pennsylvania and Iowa and as far west as eastern Nebraska, Kansas and Texas
Distribution in Oklahoma Throughout the state



ID Characteristics

  • Field Identification Characteristics


    • Recognized by dead, drooping branches
    • Dark, deeply furrowed blackish bark
    • Dark green, 3-lobed, sharp-tipped leaves
    • Awns on leaves can be missing and leaf shape highly variable


    • Acorns found along twigs before leaves; cap covers one-third of fruit
  • Leaf and Stem Characteristics
    • Growth form: Tree 
    • Leaf Type: Simple 
    • Leaf Arrangement: Alternate 
    • Leaf Blade Edge: Shallow lobes
    • Leaf Blade Length: 6-13 centimeters
  • Floral Characteristics
    • Petal Number: 0
    • Flower Color: Green (catkin)
    • Flower Timing: March-April
    • Fruit Type: Acorn



Soil Type Variable
Habitat Dry, shallow, upland soils and rocky ridges
Successional Stage Late


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