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Plant Profile  
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Common Name: Ashy Sunflower

Species Name: Helianthus mollis

Plant Type: Forb

Family Name: Asteraceae, Sunflower Family





Plant Facts  
Origin Native
Duration Perennial 
Distribution in the U.S. Ohio and Wisconsin west to eastern Nebraska, Kansas and Texas
Distribution in Oklahoma Eastern half of the state



ID Characteristics

  • Field Identification Characteristics


    • Leaves paired and directly attached to stem; edges wavy and tend to curl
    • Stems vertical with no branching except for flower heads


    • Flowers are yellow with center being a darker yellowish-brown
    • Flower heads emerge between point where single leaf grows from stem
    • Seed somewhat triangular with rounded edges; only has fuzz on edges
  • Leaf and Stem Characteristics
    • Leaf Type: Simple 
    • Leaf Arrangement: Opposite; there is two leaves per node
    • Leaf Shape: Ovate to lanceolate; bases clasp stem
    • Stipules: Absent
  • Floral Characteristics
    • Petal Number: 15-35
    • Flower Color: Yellow
    • Flower Timing: July-September
    • Fruit Type: Achenes



Soil Type Sandy or sandy loam soils
Habitat Prairies and openings in woods on dry sites
Successional Stage Late


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