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Whether inside or out, at home or at play, living in Oklahoma often means dealing with pests. This page compiles resources from Oklahoma State University experts about poison ivy and keeping your family safe and prepared.

What You Need to Know About Poison Ivy

Treating a Poison Ivy Rash

There are too many old wives’ tales to count about how to get rid of poison ivy. Some of the more dangerous include using bleach, or even gasoline, to try and dry up any rashes caused by the plant.

Problems with Poison Ivy

Karen Hickman, Oklahoma State University range ecology and invasive species professor in the department of natural resource ecology and management, explains how poison ivy can spread.

Do Not Confuse Poison Ivy with Imposters

Poison ivy is nasty, commands attention and needs to be dealt with through management practices. However, misidentifying other plants as the itch-causing agent is a common occurrence.

Leaflets of Three, Let it Be

A rash, red blisters and uncontrollable itching. Those who have been impacted by poison ivy are familiar with what it can do. Those who have not should consider themselves lucky.

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