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The Pathways to Success program follows a curriculum that explores key life skills for low-income earners. Program materials are provided through the Family and Consumer Sciences unit of the OSU Extension, created by county educators and extension specialists who are dedicated to helping Oklahomans improve their lives through research-based education.


The Pathways to Success curriculum begins with the identification of goals and builds on that foundation with guidance on topics such as job application development, workplace attitude and balancing family responsibilities. Some of the key classes include:


  • Making successful choices – Learn how to explore how you feel about the future, think about what you will face as life changes, decide future goals and plan how to reach those goals.
  • Look the part – Learn the importance of appearance, cleanliness and developing a clothing plan for work.
  • The job interview – Learn how to interview for a job to show an employer why you are the right person to hire.
  • Budgeting money – Learn how you spend your money, how to make a budget and how to manage credit.
  • Finding transportation – Learn how to buy a car and handle finances related to vehicle ownership.

Interested? Contact your local Extension Office  for details. 

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