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Plectranthus Scutellarioides

Coleus is a time-honored plant that is full of character. It is well known for its foliage colors, patterns, and forms and great for shade as well as indoor as a houseplant. Many cultivars are now full sun tolerant and are one of Oklahoma’s best full sun foliage plants. 
Coleus is an upright annual or herbaceous perennial in the Lamiaceae (mint) family. This plant grows best in moist, rich, loose soil in part shade, even tolerating full shade. Full shade may lead to leggy growth. Soils must not be allowed to dry out. Remove flower spikes as they appear. Pinch plant stem tips to keep plants compact and to promote bushiness. Coleus has attractive foliage, succulent stems, and comes in many colors, providing year-round interest. Cultivars range in size from dwarf 6” tall plants to large mounded 36” tall plants. It may be used as a tender annual outdoors in a bed, a border, a hanging basket, or container. If grown as a houseplant, it requires bright light. Aphids, whiteflies, and spider mites, especially on indoor plants, can sometimes be a problem.

Exposure: Full sun to shade
Soil: Moist, well-drained
Hardiness: Use as an annual
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